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If you are not able to use our toll free number, or if none of the contact numbers for other countries match your current location:
1-514-393-3333 (long distance charges may apply)

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1-800-361-8071 (Toll free)

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to 5 of the most commonly asked questions.

How many bags can I bring? And are liquids and medication allowed on board?

If you'd like to know what you can bring on board with you and in what size bag, our baggage section will help you pack smart.

You’ll find details on maximum size and weight allowances, as well as information on restrictions and regulations.

Have you got a question about a special or oversized item? We’ve got information on travelling sports or hunting equipment and musical instruments.

Liquids and medication

If you're travelling with very young children, you can bring formula, breast milk, juice and baby food (in small containers) on board.

Always pack medication in your carry-on baggage. All prescription medications must be properly labelled with the names of the patient, the medication, and the issuing medical office or pharmacy.

Because onboard refrigeration may not be available on all aircraft types, the cabin crew is unable to look after items that may need to be kept cold. Please carry any item that you wish to keep cold in a small cooler to maintain it at the desired temperature. If available, extra ice may be provided as needed.

For useful information on types and quantities of liquids and gels permitted on board, view our Reminder to Travellers PDF-Datei öffnen (pdf file, 267 KB), or visit the Canadian Air Transport Security AuthorityWird in neuem Fenster geöffnet (CATSA) website.

How do I change my booking online? And if I need to cancel, is my ticket refundable?


Bookings made on may be changed online right up to two hours before departure. Here's how:

  • Select the "Manage My Bookings" tab at, then:
    • Sign in to access all bookings in your account with your Aeroplan number and password, and select the booking you wish to change;


    • Access a single flight booking by entering your booking reference number and passenger last name. In order to complete your changes, you'll be asked to enter the credit card number used for booking (credit card information is used for authentication purposes only).
  • If your booking is eligible* for online changes, the change option will appear in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • Any applicable fare difference(s) or change fees are clearly itemized before you confirm your new flight details.
  • If a refund is due, it will be credited back to the original form of payment.
  • An email is sent to an address you specify to confirm that your changes have been made.

*The following bookings cannot be changed online. You’ll need to call Air Canada Reservations (unless otherwise stated):

  • A bookings for which you need to add, remove or replace one or more passengers.
  • The remaining portion of a booking if one or more segments of your itinerary have already been flown.
  • A booking made through Air Canada Vacations. Contact Air Canada Vacations directly.
  • A booking made through a travel agent. Contact your travel agent.

Note: If you are holding a non-refundable ticket, please note that when changing to a lower fare, any difference in value is forfeited.


Within 24 hours of purchase, any booking made on can be cancelled online and is fully refundable.

After 24 hours, you can cancel your booking online, provided:

  • you originally booked your flight on,
  • all of your flight segments are eligible for cancellation, and

You should always be aware, at time of purchase, if your ticket is refundable and under what conditions. Many tickets (e.g. many promotional or seat sale tickets) are non-refundable, while others may be subject to a refund penalty which limits their refundable value. In most cases, the words "non-refundable" or "non-ref" are clearly printed on the ticket and ticket receipt.

In the case of a refundable ticket, only the unused portion of the ticket is refundable.

Get step-by-step instructions on how to cancel your flight online, as well as useful information on how to request a refund (if applicable) or use an outstanding travel credit toward the purchase of a new ticket.

When and how can I select or change my seat online?

You can select or change your seat online if:

  • You booked your flight at, and
  • You're travelling on:
    • a flight operated by Air Canada* or
    • an Air Canada Express flight* operated by Jazz, Sky Regional, Air Georgian Ltd. or Exploits Valley Air Services Ltd.

There are three ways to select your seat:

  1. At time of booking at, immediately upon completing your online purchase;
  2. At any time up to 2 hours before departure: retrieve your booking online and select your seat.
  3. Within 24 hours of your flight when you check in online, on your mobile device or at an airport self-serve check-in kiosk.

Note that you'll be able to change your seat selection at any time up to 2 hours before your flight departure with no additional fee.

To select your seat if you didn't book your flight at

If you purchased a TANGO fare:

  • You'll need to pay a fee to select your seats in advance.
    • If you choose not to pay to select your seats in advance, you can still select your seat from the remaining available seats within 24 hours of your flight when you check in for your flight.

*If you're travelling on a codeshare flight or a flight operated by another airline, contact the operating carrier directly.

How do I manage my email preferences?

Managing your email preferences is as easy as 1, 2, 3…4:

  1. Go to our Email offers page.
    1. The link also appears on our homepage. Just look for the white envelope icon.
  2. When you get there, enter the email address at which you currently receive your Air Canada emails, then click on GO.
  3. For your protection, an email is then sent to you asking you to confirm that you wish to modify your email preferences.
  4. Follow the instructions on the email and you're ready to:
    1. subscribe to new email services,
    2. unsubscribe from any that you no longer want, or
    3. update your personal information.

Whatever changes you decide to make while on the Email Offers page, remember to always click on the bright red SAVE button when you're done. This will ensure that your changes have been recorded.

We also provide an UNSUBSCRIBE link at the bottom of all of our emails. You can use that link to unsubscribe at any time

I've got something to say to Air Canada. Whom do I contact?

Do you have a specific comment, complaint or suggestion to make? Send us an email. Your feedback will help us improve the services we offer.

You can also send an email or a letter to our Customer Relations department. Our Customer Relations employees will ensure that your comments get to the right people at the airline, and are shared with the appropriate department or group.

In your correspondence with us, make sure you include as much information as possible, including any documentation you have. This will allow us to examine your comment or complaint carefully and ensure that we get back to you with an accurate response to the issue you raise. You can expect to hear back from us within 30 days.

Flight Arrivals and Departures

Check Your Flight Status Online or call our automated flight information system:

1-888-422-7533 (Canada/U.S.) Other countries

Your flight was delayed or cancelled?
We understand your frustration. Find out what you can do when a flight is delayed or cancelled.

Baggage Services

  • Baggage Information (E. g. baggage restrictions, carry-on and checked baggage)
  • Your bag was damaged or delayed?
    We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing you. Find out how to report and follow delayed or damaged baggage.
  • Are you looking for a lost item?
    Our lost and found items page contains useful information on what you can do.

Contact us for other baggage-related claims or complaints. [Lightbox 4 Copy]

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Baggage-related claim or complaint

Send us an email

In Canada or U.S.: 1-800-237-3563
Other countries

Air Canada - Baggage Claims
Zip YUL 1116 P.O. Box 8000
Airport Station - Dorval, Quebec
Canada H4Y 1C3

Ticket Receipts / Billing Enquiries

  • Future Travel
    If you booked at, access your booking online to get a copy of your ticket or receipt. If you booked through an agency, contact your travel agent. For all other bookings, contact Air Canada Reservations.
  • Past Travel
    Write to us to get a copy of a ticket or receipt or for an explanation of a credit card charge.

Refund Services

Your Air Canada Experience

  • Send us an email with your comments, compliments and suggestions. You'll help us improve the services we offer.
  • Were you offered a single use promotion code at the end of one of your flights? You can retrieve it here.
  • Note: We invite you to communicate with us in the Official Language of your choice, English or French. Any request sent in another language will be considered, but please expect an additional delay for processing.
  • Here are more ways to reach us [Lightbox 5 Copy]
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More Ways to Reach Us

In Canada or U.S.
Fax: 1-866-584-0380

Air Canada - Customer Relations
PO Box 64239,
RPO Thorncliffe - Calgary, AB
Canada T2K 6J7

From all other countries

Hotel Reservations / Car Rentals

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Hotel Reservations

Call us to book:
Phone: 1-800-515-2645 (Toll free in Canada or the U.S.)

View/Cancel Your Hotel Reservation Online

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Air Canada Stopover Reservations

In Canada or the U.S.
Please call Air Canada Vacations:
Phone: 1-800-296-3408 (toll free)

For support during travel:

For post-travel support:

View/Cancel Your Hotel Reservation Online

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