Codeshare and interline partners

What are codeshare and interline partnerships?

Code sharing refers to a practice through which a flight operated by one airline is jointly marketed as a flight by one or more other airlines. Through our codeshare partnerships, we place our designator code (AC) on flights operated by our codeshare partners, which allows us to provide you with worldwide services through an extensive network of convenient flight connections.

View list of Air Canada’s codeshare partners.

Interline partnerships allow two or more airlines to issue tickets on behalf of each other, while retaining the designator code of the other airline. Their purpose, again, is to facilitate travel for customers by allowing them to travel across the networks of multiple airlines with a single reservation in order to reach their final destination.

View list of Air Canada’s interline partners.

What does this mean to me, the customer?

When checking in with one of our codeshare or interline partners sold on, you may see differences in checked baggage fees as well as in optional service and other charges. Each airline also has its own terms and conditions of carriage. It is therefore important to familiarize yourself with the operating carrier's terms and conditions, including those regarding:
  • Check-in times and procedures
  • Carry-on, checked and additional checked baggage
  • Sports and hunting equipment, and musical instruments
  • Fragile and perishable items
  • Infants and children
  • Passengers with special needs
  • Travelling with your pet
  • In-flight services and special meals
  • Airport lounge access

Who are Air Canada's codeshare partners?

We've provided links to our codeshare partners' homepages, baggage policies and optional products and services information, where available:

Codeshare partner airlines

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How do I recognize a codeshare or interline flight?

When you are selecting flights for purchase on, a number appears next to all flights which are operated by a codeshare or interline partner. The number refers to an ‘Operated by’ note which appears at the bottom of the page and indicates which carrier is operating the flight. Here are two examples, one of a codeshare flight, the other of an interline flight:

Codeshare flight

In the example above, Flight AC9320 is operated by Lufthansa. Because it is a codeshare flight, we display the Air Canada designator code (i.e. the flight number starts with the letters ‘AC’). Your electronic itinerary/receipt also provides the name of the operating carrier of each flight.

Interline flight

In the example above, flight CX903 is an interline flight operated by Cathay Pacific. Because it is an interline flight, we display the other airline’s designator code (i.e. the flight number starts with the letters ‘CX’, which represent Cathay Pacific). Again, your electronic itinerary/receipt will provide the name of the carrier operating each of your flights.

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