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Meet Thomas – per his mother Vicky

It was the most wonderful Christmas present our family could have wished for; last December 24th, the Montreal Children’s Hospital called us to make an appointment in early January. What a relief! A few weeks prior, we had learned that at only one month old, Thomas suffered from Craniosynostosis – when the suture in the skull prematurely fuses by turning into bone – and would require skull surgery. Our pediatrician had only seen such a case once before in 25 years of practice. I was therefore eager to discuss with specialists to better understand what was in store for our family.

Since we lived far away and the condition was very serious, we were told we were eligible for transportation by plane to Montreal. The Social Services team coordinated the flights for us through the Air Canada Foundation who manages, thanks to Aeroplan miles donations, a Hospital Transportation Program for patients from far away to hospitals in big cities.

We truly appreciated this service. At the airport, we did not have to worry about anything, which allowed us to focus on our child. But it was only when we returned after the craniofacial operation that I really understood the relevance of the program. Thomas’ head was very swollen and he could barely open his eyes, the bone in his forehead had been removed from the fontanelle to the top part of his nose, to make a mold that the surgeons inserted. Thanks to our flight, I could breast feed as much as I found necessary, keep him snuggled up to me, and comforted him continuously, which would have been impossible if he was stuck in his car seat during the long trip from Montreal to Bonaventure.

Thomas is doing very well now, but due to severe allergies that were recently discovered, we know we will be counting on this program for years to come. Thank you to all those who enable the Air Canada Foundation to offer flights for families in situations like ours.

Vicky, mother of Thomas and three other wonderful children

This story was originally published on The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation blog.

Testimony of Andrea and Aaron – Parents of Seth


Thank you so much to the Air Canada Foundation for providing the flight for us to take Seth from Saskatoon to Toronto’s SickKids Hospital to get the help he needed.  Seth was born with both congenital ptosis, which caused his eyelid to droop in front of his pupil, and laryngomalacia, which sometimes made it tough for him to breathe.  Because his vision was impeded, he required surgery as soon as possible, but due to the laryngomalacia, surgery was more complicated for him than it would normally be.

The travel costs due to multiple trips to Toronto tend to be expensive, so it was amazing that we were able to get some assistance from the Air Canada Foundation. I cannot tell you how fantastic it was to have our flight taken care of.

Thanks again,

Andrea and Aaron