Ticket Refund Application for Past Travel

Please note that refunds are not guaranteed. All refund assessments will be based on Air Canada’s tariffs and policies, as well as the terms and conditions of your purchase.

If your ticket number begins with 014 :

This ticket refund application process applies only to tickets beginning with 014. If your ticket number does not begin with 014, please present your refund request via your original point of purchase (i.e. travel agent or other airline).


Do you wish to request a refund for past travel?

Choose the option below which best describes your request.

If you purchased an Business Class ticket but were downgraded to Economy class, please write to our Customer Relations department directly.
If you paid for a service (e.g. Preferred Seat, upgrade to Business Class, excess baggage fee, same day change fee, travel option) and did not receive it, please contact Customer Relations.
To request a refund for personal expenses you incurred because your flight was cancelled or delayed significantly, please write to our Customer Relations department directly.

From the three options displayed, choose the way you wish to apply your credit.

If you wish to apply the value of a credit to the purchase of a new ticket, please contact Air Canada Reservations.

If you wish to apply the value of a credit to a ticket that you have already purchased and you have not yet flown, you must complete the following Ticket Refund Application for Past Travel form upon your return:

Please refer to the ‘Documentation’ section of the form below. You will need to forward a copy of the original death certificate, medical certification, or funeral director's validation.

If the deceased is a member of your immediate family, please use the 'Comments' box below to indicate your relationship to him/her.

Please write to our Customer Relations department directly.

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Original ticket information

Note: all of the passengers listed below must share the same booking reference. Please complete a separate form for each separate booking reference.

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  • 1 - 014
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  • 3 - 014
  • 4 - 014
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  • 6 - 014
  • 7 - 014
  • 8 - 014
  • 9 - 014

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Additional information

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If you have documents to include with your claim, you can send them to us. Please check the method you will be using, and make sure to indicate all passenger names and ticket numbers on your documents.

355 Portage Ave
P.O. Box 6475
Winnipeg. MB
R3C 3V2 Canada


All of the information you provide will be handled in compliance with Canadian privacy laws. We are committed to the protection of the personal information of our customers.

Please do not submit the same claim more than once.