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Can I change/cancel my flight, or add my frequent flyer number online?

You can add your frequent flyer number to, or change/cancel your booking online up to 2 hours prior to departure* if yours is:

  • A flight booking made at
  • A Flight Pass booking:
    You’ll need to sign in to your account using the Flight Pass tab on the homepage.

For Air Canada Reservations or Mobile bookings, call Air Canada Reservations.

For all other types of bookings (e.g. bookings made via a travel agent, Aeroplan, Air Canada Vacations, or another website), contact:

*A fee may apply, based on your fare type.

What else can I do online?

Regardless of where you booked your Air Canada flight, you can use the Manage My Bookings tab to retrieve your booking and:

In most cases, you can also:

What changes or requests cannot be made online?

What if there is an error with my online booking?

If, after you have booked your flight at, you notice that you have made an error (e.g. wrong date, misspelled passenger name), you will need to make the necessary corrections by contacting Air Canada Reservations within 24 hours of completing your booking to avoid any complications. If the correction results in a higher fare, you will be given the option to pay the higher fare or to obtain a refund for the price of your ticket.

This policy covers changes to flights, dates, routes and spelling of passenger names. We recommend that you validate your booking by reviewing your itinerary immediately after you have made your reservation.

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