How we Calculate your eUpgrades - An eUpgrades 101

eUpgrade requirements are based on:

  • The cabin you wish to upgrade to: Premium Economy, Premium Rouge or Business Class
  • The distance you travel
  • The geographic market
  • The fare you purchase
  • Your Air Canada Altitude status

If you have a specific itinerary in mind, simply access your eUpgrade account Opens in New Window and click on the “Preview eUpgrade requirements for your itinerary” link.

Then, enter your desired origin and destination to see the number of eUpgrade Credits and Add-on required for an upgrade for each cabin as well as the booking windowOpens on the same page within which the upgrade can be requested.

To view the eUpgrade charts, click here

To view the eUpgrade charts for our current promotions, click here

eUpgrade Add-ons may apply when requesting an upgrade to Business Class or Premium Rouge. eUpgrade Add-ons are a supplementary payment - in addition to the required number of eUpgrade CreditsOpens in New Window - that is required when upgrading from certain  fares to Business Class or Premium Rouge on travel to select destinations.  Add-on rates apply per upgraded flight segment and per upgraded passenger in Business Class or Premium Rouge. All fees are assessed in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and include all applicable taxes. All other eUpgrade eligibility rules continue to apply.

Even when an eUpgrade Add-on applies, the process to request an upgrade remains the same. You can continue to request an upgrade at, through Air Canada Reservations , or with an agent at the airport.

Payment information must be provided when you request your upgrade, regardless of whether the upgrade clears in advance or on the day of departure at the airport. Only credit cards are accepted as a form of payment. Your credit card will only be charged if the upgrade to Business Class or Premium Rouge is successful once the flight departs. You will then receive a receipt by email indicating the eUpgrade Add-on payment status.

In the event of irregular operations where you end up travelling a longer distance involuntarily, you will not be charged more than the number of eUpgrade Credits or the Add-on amount initially removed from your account to sponsor the upgrade.

In the cases where you are entitled to a refund, the credits are returned to your eUpgrade account within 72 hours of the arrival of your last flight. If, after 72 hours, the credits have not been returned to your account, contact Air Canada Reservations for assistance, or fill out our online form to report an eUpgrade discrepancy