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Enjoy extra comfort with eUpgrades

eUpgrades are our way of elevating your travel experience. Earn eUpgrade credits and exchange them for upgrades to premium cabins on any flight operated by Air Canada.

It’s all part of being an Aeroplan Elite Status Member. You’ll enjoy a better onboard experience with added comfort. It’s our way of showing you our appreciation for your loyalty.

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About Air Canada eUpgrades

eUpgrades allow you to access better cabins on Air Canada flights, and are based on credits. Use your eUpgrade credits on any eligible Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge itinerary or flight segment across our network which features a Business Class or Premium Economy cabin.

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Request eUpgrades easily

You can make upgrade requests wherever you complete your booking, whether online, with a travel agent, or elsewhere.

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Earn eUpgrades through your status

Your Aeroplan Elite Status automatically gets you a certain number of eUpgrade credits, and you can earn more.

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Request eUpgrades for companions

You can request an upgrade for your eUpgrade nominee even when they’re not travelling with you, or for yourself and a travel companion.

How to request your eUpgrade

Whether you wish to upgrade your entire one-way itinerary, or choose to upgrade only certain flight segments, requesting an eUpgrade is easy.

You can request your eUpgrade:

Through your eUpgrade account online or by contacting Air Canada Reservations.

When you check in online, on your mobile device, or at an airport kiosk.

With an agent at the airport.

At the departure gate on your day of travel.

Learn about the eUpgrade credit requirements and the applicable clearance window for requesting an upgrade. Once your clearance window opens, if upgrade space is available, your upgrade will be confirmed. If no upgrade space is available, you will be waitlisted.

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How to earn eUpgrade credits

As an Aeroplan Elite Status Member, receive eUpgrade credits as part of your Core Benefits, choose them as a Select Benefit, or earn them by crossing an eligible eUpgrade threshold.

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Core Benefits

Your Aeroplan Elite Status automatically gets you a certain number of eUpgrade credits.

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Select Benefits

When you reach Aeroplan Elite Status, you have the option of choosing eUpgrade credits as part of your Select Benefits.

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Threshold eUpgrades

Automatically earn additional eUpgrade credits for every eligible Status Qualifying Mile (SQM) or Status Qualifying Segment (SQS) threshold you cross during the calendar year.

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eUpgrades for companions

eUpgrades for companions

As an Elite Status Member, you can request an upgrade for one companion travelling with you, on either the same reservation or the same flight. Plus, Aeroplan Super Elite Members can designate one eUpgrade nominee and request upgrades on their behalf, even when they are not travelling together.

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How we calculate eUpgrades

eUpgrade requirements are based on: