Enhance your travel experience with eUpgrades

Welcome to Air Canada eUpgrades. This is our way of enhancing your travel experience. Earn eUpgrade Credits and exchange them for upgrades to premium cabins on eligible flights operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge.

It’s all part of being an Air Canada Altitude member. You’ll enjoy a better onboard experience with all the added comfort and perks of executive travel. It’s our way of showing you our appreciation for your loyalty and for choosing Air Canada.

Air Canada is in the process of changing its reservation system, a project we’re undertaking to improve your travel experience. The first phase takes place on the evening of November 18 and will conclude the following morning. However, it will take a few months to complete the new system rollout across all of our airports worldwide, and during this transition period, there will be some temporary changes to how Air Canada Altitude members use their eUpgrade credits during this time.

eUpgrades must be requested at least 24 hours prior to departure

Like today, Air Canada Altitude members can continue to request an upgrade within their eligible booking window on aircanada.com, but during this transition period, upgrades must be requested no later than 24 hours prior to flight departure. Note that we have expanded all eUpgrade booking windows to at least 72 hours in order to ensure your upgrade request can be processed.

eUpgrades will not be available at the airport

You will not be able to request upgrades at the airport, and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that upgrades which were not cleared prior to check-in will be processed at the gate, even if a seat is available. In light of this, rest assured that we will work diligently to confirm more upgrades ahead of check-in. Additionally, by the end of the month, we’ll be providing Air Canada Altitude members with additional eUpgrade Credits which can be used through February 2021.

Tier Credits
Super Elite 100K 25
Elite 75K 15
Elite 50K 10
Elite 35K 10
Prestige 25K 5

eUpgrade Credits may not be refunded automatically when you Standby Early

If you choose to standby for an earlier flight at the airport on the day of departure and you accept a seat in your originally purchased cabin, your eUpgrade Credits may not be refunded automatically. In these cases, you can easily request a refund online.

Complimentary and discounted Preferred Seats will not be available to companions

Like today, you can continue to enjoy complimentary and/or discounted access to Preferred Seats. However, temporarily, this will not be available to companions travelling with you in the same reservation.

Over the next few months, other Air Canada products and services will also be temporarily unavailable, such as Same Day Confirmed Changes at the airport. For details on this and more, please click here.


About Air Canada eUpgrades


  • eUpgrades are based on credit and can be used for any eligible Air Canada, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada Rouge itinerary or flight segment across our network which features a Business Class or Premium Economy cabin.
  • eUpgrade Credits can be shared. Super Elite 100K members can designate one eUpgrade Nominee, for whom they can then request an upgrade using credits, even when they are not travelling with them.
    All Altitude members can also request an upgrade for one companion travelling on either the same reservation or the same flight. You can make these requests at the airport on the day of departure.
  • Your eUpgrades can be requested online. Regardless of where you complete your booking, whether online, with a travel agent, or elsewhere, you can make upgrade requests, and view your eUpgrade transaction history by accessing your eUpgrade account.Opens in New Window
  • All eUpgrade waitlist requests are carried through until flight departure. If your waitlisted upgrade request does not clear before you check in, it is automatically transferred to the airport upgrade standby list for clearance at the gate
  • If you have your booking reference handy, you can request an upgrade for an eligible itinerary by accessing your eUpgrade account. Opens in New Window