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Upcoming Aeroplan improvements

Elevating your Elite experience

In August 2023, we shared several improvements to your Status benefits that were designed to make your Elite experience simpler, more rewarding, and easier to share with loved ones. These changes included doubling eUpgrade Companion benefits, making your Status Passes more flexible, and introducing online flight reward changes.

We also hinted that additional changes were coming. Now, as we close out 2023 and prepare for another great year of travel, we’re ready to share the details of these improvements with you.

More generous seating benefits

All Aeroplan Elite members and their travel companions can now enjoy the comfort of Preferred Seats, free of charge, when travelling with Air Canada on Standard fares and up. As of October 2, 2023, your Status and your travel destination determines when you’ll be able to select your complimentary Preferred Seat:

  • Aeroplan 25K and Aeroplan 35K Members: At check-in, for all destinations
  • Aeroplan 50K Members:
    • Anytime when travelling within Canada and the U.S. (including Hawaii)
    • at check-in for all other destinations
  • Aeroplan 75K Members: Anytime, for all destinations
  • Aeroplan Super Elite Members: Anytime, for all destinations, including on Economy Basic fares

Please note these changes do not apply retroactively for seat assignment fees paid prior to October 2, 2023.

Air Canada Café complimentary guest access

We’re expanding complimentary guest access to all Air Canada Cafés for members with Aeroplan 50K Status Members and above. Instead of just one guest, these members will be able to bring one guest plus their spouse and up to five dependent children* to our Air Canada Cafés, just like at our Maple Leaf Lounges.

In addition, starting January 2024, you can look forward to:

More value with Flight Passes

All Aeroplan Elite members will get more from Flight Pass activities next year. Instead of choosing between bonus eUpgrade credits and bonus SQM as part of your Select Benefits, you’ll now get both! The bonuses related to Flight Passes will be included in your Core Benefits and credited every time you complete an eligible Flight Pass activity, based on the Status you hold at that time:

  • Aeroplan 25K: 4 eUpgrade credits and 750 SQM
  • Aeroplan 35K: 6 eUpgrade credits and 1,000 SQM
  • Aeroplan 50K: 8 eUpgrade credits and 1,250 SQM
  • Aeroplan 75K: 10 eUpgrade credits and 1,500 SQM
  • Aeroplan Super Elite: 12 eUpgrade credits and 2,500 SQM

Simplified Lower Requalification Select Benefit

The Lower Requalification Level Select Benefit, available to Aeroplan 50K, 75K, and Super Elite Members, will be replaced by a one-time bonus of 5,000 Status Qualifying Miles (SQM) and 5 Status Qualifying Segments (SQS). This means that, if you choose this new benefit, you’ll see the bonus right away, and it will count towards reaching Threshold Gifts and Threshold eUpgrades.

2024 Elite Status Rollover Benefits

If you are the Primary Cardholder of an eligible Aeroplan premium credit card**, we will automatically roll over your eligible Status Qualifying Miles and eUpgrade Credits to 2024. Any rollover Status Qualifying Miles or eUpgrade Credits that apply to your cardholder status will be posted to your account separately by the second week of February.

To be eligible for the rollover benefits, Aeroplan Elite Status Members who are not already cardholders must apply and be approved for a new Aeroplan premium credit card no later than December 15, 2023.

2024 marks Aeroplan’s 40th anniversary, and we’re looking forward to celebrating this milestone with you and adding new benefits to your membership. This will be complemented by significant upgrades to our lounge network, new aircraft cabins, faster Wi-Fi, and several other improvements we are excited to share.

*Dependent children are up to and including the age of 24, part of the family unit and still financially dependent on the Aeroplan Super Elite, 75K, 50K Member. Air Canada reserves the right to, at any time, request proof of age for dependent children.
** Eligible credit cards: American Express® Air Canada, American Express® Aeroplan® Corporate Reserve, American Express® Aeroplan® Business Reserve, Amercian Express® Aeroplan® Reserve, TD® Aeroplan® Visa Infinite Privilege, CIBC Aeroplan® Visa Infinite Privilege

Frequently Asked Questions

Preferred Seats

I’m an Aeroplan 25K Member and wish to select Preferred Seats now for my upcoming travel in January 2024. Will I get a discount?

We are now offering complimentary Preferred Seats; discounts are no longer available. You can select a seat at no cost upon checking in for your flight.

I’m an Aeroplan 50K Member and I booked a Flex fare 2 weeks ago. I’d like to select my Preferred Seats now. Will there be a fee?

If you are travelling within North America, you can select a Preferred Seat now at no cost. If you are travelling to any other destination, you can select seats free of charge upon checking in for your flight.

Am I eligible for complimentary Preferred Seat selection even though my booking was made before these changes came into effect?

Yes. As an Aeroplan Elite Status Member travelling on a Standard fare or higher, any Preferred seat you select on or after October 2, 2023, will be yours at no cost. Your complimentary seat selection window depends on your status, the fare you purchased, and your destination.

I paid for my Preferred Seat selection last week. Can I get a refund? And will I be charged if I change my seat today?

Any Preferred Seat selection fees paid prior to October 2, 2023, will not be refunded. You can, however, change your seat selection at no additional cost.

I hold Aeroplan Elite Status and am travelling with my family on the same reservation. Are they also eligible for complimentary Preferred Seat selection?

All Aeroplan Elite Status Members and up to eight travel companions on the same reservation will be eligible for complimentary Preferred Seat selection.

I am travelling on an Air Canada flight operated by another airline. Am I entitled to complimentary Preferred Seat selection?

Complimentary Preferred Seat selection is available exclusively when travelling on a flight operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Express or Air Canada Rouge.

Why are you making these changes?

These changes were made to simplify seat selection benefits on Air Canada, Air Canada Express and Air Canada Rouge flights, and to offer even more complimentary options to our Aeroplan Elite Status Members.

Is complimentary Preferred Seat selection only applicable on bookings made with cash?

No, bookings made with Aeroplan points and through Air Canada Vacations are also eligible.

Are flights to and from Mexico and the Caribbean considered to be within North America?

Flights to and from Mexico and the Caribbean are considered international flights. Only flights within Canada and the United States (including Hawaii) are considered within North America.

Flight Pass activities

Will I continue to choose Select Benefits?

Yes, however you no longer need to choose between bonus eUpgrade credits and bonus SQM for Flight Pass activities. You’ll receive both upon completion of an eligible activity.

What is considered an eligible Flight Pass activity?

Eligible Flight Pass activities are defined as:

  • the purchase of an eligible Flight Pass of 6, 8, 10, 16 or 20 flight credits (excluding Unlimited Flight Passes and Flight Passes for Business and Flight Passes for Large Corporations)
  • the usage of every 10 eligible flight credits in conjunction with a Flight Pass for Business or Flight Pass for Large Corporations
  • Each monthly payment associated to an Unlimited Flight Pass

Note that promotional or time-limited Flight Passes may not be considered an eligible Flight Pass activity.

From my Flight Pass for Business, I used 8 eligible flight credits as an Aeroplan 25K Member and 2 credits as an Aeroplan 35K Member. What status will my Flight Pass bonuses be based on?

The bonuses related to Flight Passes will be credited every time you complete an eligible activity, based on the Status you hold at that time.

As you completed the usage of 10 eligible flight credits as an Aeroplan 35K Member, you will receive 6 eUpgrade credits and 1,000 SQM.

Will I continue to earn Aeroplan points for completing eligible activities?

Yes. The number of Aeroplan points you earn is equivalent to the number of SQM you’ll receive.

Lower Requalification Level (LRL)

I chose the Lower Requalification Level benefit in 2023. Will I still requalify at the reduced level?

Yes, this change has no impact on your requalification for Elite Status in 2024.

I began 2024 as an Aeroplan 50K Member and selected this bonus of SQM and SQS. Later in the year, I qualified for Aeroplan 75K Status. Will I be able to choose this benefit again?

No, this Select Benefit of 5,000 SQM and 5 SQS is not available during the early Elite Status qualification period. Instead, upon qualifying to Aeroplan 75K Status, the Select Benefit of 1,500 SQM will continue to be offered as an option.

Can the Select Benefit of 5,000 SQM and 5 SQS be selected more than once as my status changes throughout the year?

The Select Benefit of 5,000 SQM and 5 SQS is available as an exclusive one-time deposit.

If I choose the Select Benefit of 5,000 SQM and 5 SQS in 2024, will I be able to requalify for status at a reduced SQM or SQS level?

The Lower Requalification Level Select Benefit is being replaced by a deposit of 5,000 SQM and 5 SQS. To requalify for status in 2025, you will need to reach the published SQM or SQS plus SQD requirements. If you choose this new Select Benefit, you will have a head start towards reaching the published SQM and SQS requirements.

Will this new benefit affect my ability to reach Threshold Gift and Threshold eUpgrade levels?

The SQM and SQS earned by selecting this benefit will be deposited in your account right away and will count toward reaching these Threshold levels.

Rollover Benefits

Will my entire SQM balance roll over to 2024?

Eligible cardholders who also reach Aeroplan Elite Status can roll over up to 200,000 SQM beyond the status level for which they’ve qualified. For clarity, here are some examples:

Status currency earned in previous year Highest tier earned Rollover SQM
21K SQM, 5 SQS, $1K SQD N/A N/A
28K SQM, 8 SQS, $3K SQD 25K 3,000
80K SQM, 45 SQS, $25K SQD 75K 5,000
150K SQM, 120 SQS, $25K SQD Super Elite 50,000
55K SQM, 150 SQS, $25K SQD Super Elite N/A

Are all eUpgrade credits eligible to be rolled over?

Eligible cardholders who also reach Aeroplan Elite Status will be able to roll over up to a maximum of 50 eUpgrade Credits. eUpgrade Credits issued on a promotional basis, as well as those already rolled over from a previous benefit year, are not eligible for this benefit.

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