Meals and beverages


Sit back, relax and enjoy our menus in Economy Class on International flights. We want to make your flight with us a pleasurable one. 

All international Economy Class flights feature a hot meal after take-off with additional services varying, depending on flight times and routing.

Enjoy a complimentary selection of spirits and non-alcoholic beverages.

When you travel on a direct* international flight that includes a stop in a Canadian city, you will be offered a complimentary snack and a complimentary meal item on the domestic portion of your flight. For example, if you're travelling from Toronto to Hong Kong with a stop in Vancouver, your complimentary snack and meal will be offered to you on the Toronto-Vancouver portion of your itinerary.

A code (PR07 or SPML) is printed on your boarding pass indicating that you are travelling on both the domestic and international portions of the flight.

* In the aviation industry, a direct flight is defined as any flight between two places that carries a single flight number, but which may include one or more stops where you do not have to change planes. Please note that complimentary food service is not available on the domestic portion of connecting flights, which have different flight numbers for each portion of your itinerary.

Economy Class