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Meals & Beverages - Air Canada Bistro

Satisfy your cravings with a snack, a light bite or a full and satisfying meal on board. Our experienced culinary team creates economy menus to be affordable to purchase and a delight to your taste buds. Sit back, relax, and savour the cuisine we offer in the air.

Meals & Beverages

Air Canada Bistro is available in Economy Class on most flights of 90 minutes or more when you travel on Air Canada and Air Canada rouge. Offerings include a variety of snacks and beverages as well as a fresh selection of meal items on flights of two hours or more departing before 10 pm.

Are hot meals always available with Air Canada Bistro?

There is limited availability of hot meal items on our Embraer aircraft.

Can I order a special meal on flights where Air Canada Bistro is offered?

Special meals are not available on flights where Air Canada Bistro is offered. We make every effort to present a variety of choices catering to different tastes and requirements, including a wide selection of Kosher-certified products.

I brought my own alcohol. Can I drink it on the plane?

Although you can carry on board any alcohol purchased at the duty-free shop, or alcohol in bottles of no more than 100 mL, it cannot be consumed on the plane.

I’d like to bring my own self-heating meal to eat on board. Is that ok?

Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MRE) and other self-heating meal and beverage kits with portable heating systems/ration heaters are not permitted on board at any time. Nor are they permitted in either checked or carry-on baggage.

I’m travelling on an International flight. Will I need to purchase food?

When you travel on a direct international flight that includes a stop in a Canadian city, you will be offered a complimentary snack and a complimentary meal item on the domestic portion of your flight.

For example, if you’re travelling from Toronto to Hong Kong with a stop in Vancouver, a complimentary snack and meal will be offered to you on the Toronto-Vancouver portion of your itinerary. 

In-Flight Entertainment

In-Flight Entertainment Rouge

To access our inflight entertainment system, player, download the free Air Canada app from the Apple App store on your personal Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or from the Google Play store for your Android device before you fly. With player, you can tune into the latest movies, TV shows, special kids’ programming, music playlists and more. Laptop users can access player too - just install Adobe Flash Player.

player is available for your laptop, iPod, iPhone, iPod touch and for Android devices. Not bringing a device or forgot to pack one in your carry-on bag? No problem. We have a number of iPads preloaded with extra content that you can rent for only $10.

Make sure you pack your headphones and device in your carry-on bag. Onboard power is offered on select aircraft so be sure to charge up your devices before flying to catch every last minute of that hit movie or your favourite TV show.

Download the free Air Canada app for your Android device or Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.