Connecting through Vancouver - From the U.S. to Canada

Connecting through Vancouver - From the U.S. to Canada

Follow the "Welcome to Vancouver" signs to Canada Customs and Immigration.
Have all documentation in hand and ensure all applicable forms have been completed.

If your connection is within 90 minutes, please proceed to the Domestic Connection line.

baggageClaim checked baggage immediately following passport inspection.

securityClear Canada Customs with checked baggage.
Follow the "Domestic Connections" signage.

baggageProceed to the Air Canada connection baggage belt to drop off checked baggage.
Follow the Domestic Connections" sign and take the elevator to level 4.
Follow the "Domestic Connections" sign and proceed through Pre-board Screening.

escalatorTake the escalator or elevator to level 3 Departures and proceed to your gate.

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Download the printable "Getting AroundOpen PDF file "brochure which contains directions for all types of connections within this airport.