Our customers have very high expectations for what our new loyalty program should deliver. From listening to the ideas of tens of thousands of you, we learned that:

  • You expect the booking power of your points to be greater. Using points should feel like a reward.
  • You hate surprises. You want logical information, up front and transparent.
  • You want value from your points, regardless of how often you travel. Whether you fly Air Canada 3 times or 33 times a year, your loyalty to us should benefit you.
  • You want it all to be easier to use your points – and simpler. Much simpler. Simplify the booking experience, the redemption experience, and the travel experience that goes along with it.
  • You travel with others – and want reward travel to be simpler for them, too. You want to book reward tickets and regular tickets in the same way, and you want others to benefit from the program, too.
  • You want better credit cards. Faster and easier to earn. More benefits. And you want benefits that complement your Altitude status.

We wanted to understand what members like about the current Aeroplan Program – and where they see room for improvement. We wanted to benchmark ourselves against the best programs not just in Canada, but around the globe. And we wanted to discover what it would take to really make people feel rewarded for the commitment they make to Air Canada, every time they fly with us. So we invested in the most extensive market research about loyalty that we’ve ever done at Air Canada.

36,252 customers consulted.

That would fill over 90% of all the seats across Air Canada’s fleet.

9 out of 10.

Approximate proportion of members who knew their Aeroplan number by heart.


38 competitive programs benchmarked.

We looked at travel, retail, and credit card programs across every continent.

Global perspective.

The customers we consulted travelled in Canada and all over the world in the past year.

147 hours of in-person interviewing.

We met customers in their homes and in our offices, individually and in groups.

11,610. Approximate total hours spent by customers filling out surveys.

That’s long enough to circle the globe 273 times in a Boeing 787 at cruising speed.

1,000+ questions and suggestions submitted to our loyalty microsite.

Our online commenting tool turned out to be a treasure trove of great ideas.

1 feline escapee, almost.

We thwarted his attempt to leave the interview just in time. Phew!