Air Canada for Business

Booking and management tool

Designed to simplify business travel

Thanks to our convenient online tool, it is easier than ever to book business travel, rent cars, manage and share itineraries for multiple employees, and keep track of both travel expenses and program rewards.

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Create an account

It’s free and easy to join the program. Simply fill out the online enrollment form with basic information about your company including government tax ID number. Once enrolled, you can then assign administrators, invite travellers and start using the tool to book travel right away.

Book flights and rent cars

The online tool makes it simple to book and change flights with Air Canada , select partner airlines and Lufthansa Group, including Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and SWISS, as well as rent cars.

Save and manage traveller info

The tool is designed to book and manage travel for multiple people. It allows you to create individual traveller profiles and designate different roles with different access and booking rights. Their profile information is securely stored to make booking fast and easy, and can be managed at any time.

Save and manage company credit cards

Add and manage your company credit card information making transactions fast and seamless. Store multiple credit cards for various travellers added convenience, and use your ACGlobe card to save even more.

Track travel and create reports

Our intuitive tracking and reporting tool tracks all employee travel bookings. Assigned Administrators can track company expenses for both flights and car rentals, and produce reports. You’ll get a complete overview of all purchases to track your travel spend and savings.

Account roles

Different employees within your company can be assigned different roles with different access rights as needed. Corporations have the ability to assign the allocated Limited-Perks at sub-levels.

Program Administrator

The Program Administrator is a company employee who enrolls the company in the program and is designated to manage your Air Canada for Business account overall. They will be the primary contact and have the highest authority. They can perform all administrative functions and configure all divisions, which are sub-groups with custom settings. Program Administrators (and agencies) are able to allocate offers to a specific Division, or Traveller and select an offer when booking for themselves or for others.

The Division Administrator (s)

Division Administrators are assigned by the Program Administrator and have all the administrative rights for their managed divisions. Both roles are responsible for registering all Travellers. Division Admins are able to allocate offers to a specific Traveller and select an offer allocated to the division, when booking for themselves or for others.

The Travel Arranger

The Travel Arranger role is assigned by a Program or Division Administrator and is authorized to book travel for other registered Travellers who were assigned to them, within a division or not. Travel Arrangers are able to select an offer allocated to them when booking for themselves or for others.

The Traveller

Once granted access, a Traveller can book their own travel as well as manage their travel profile. They may also grant profile access to the applicable Administrators and Traveller Arrangers to facilitate their travel arrangements. Traveller is be able to select an allocated offer when making a booking for themselves.

The Travel Agency

Travel Agencies are also invited by the Program Administrator to manage the account by adding the agency information in the “Settings” tab. A Travel Agency may be added at the Account or Division level and will have the associated administrative functions.

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