How to Earn eUpgrade Credits

Air Canada is in the process of changing its reservation system, a project we’re undertaking to improve your travel experience. During this transition period, there will be some temporary changes to how Air Canada Altitude members use their eUpgrade credits. Learn more.

As an Air Canada Altitude member, you can earn eUpgrade Credits by choosing them as part of your Select Privileges, or by crossing an eligible Altitude eUpgrade Threshold.

Air Canada Altitude Select Privileges

When you reach Air Canada Altitude status, you have the option of choosing eUpgrade Credits as part of your Select Privileges, both as recognition of your status and for eligible Flight Pass activities.

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Air Canada Altitude Threshold eUpgrades

For every eligible Altitude Qualifying Mile (AQM) or Altitude Qualifying Segment (AQS) threshold you cross during the Altitude qualification year (i.e., between January 1 and December 31), you automatically earn additional eUpgrade Credits.

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