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Streamline your travel management

Managing air travel expenses just got simpler thanks to the new Air Canada ACGlobe Corporate Payment Solution, designed to streamline and reconcile air travel expenses. Accepted around the world by Air Canada and hundreds of other airlines, ACGlobe offers centralized billing and customized reports at no extra cost, all in one convenient place, regardless of your company's travel expenditures. With two programs available, you're sure to find one that best suits your needs

A hassle-free global tool for corporate travel

Recognized globally wherever UATP® is accepted, the ACGlobe card helps you control and reconcile travel costs easily and efficiently with detailed statements and comprehensive management reports.

ACGlobe offers you the choice of either a plastic travel payment card, or a "lodged" account. No matter how your company chooses to book or arrange travel, ACGlobe works perfectly.

Centralized Expense Management

ACGlobe allows you to keep track of air travel charges via centralized billing and offers various monthly financial reports. Customized reporting is available at no charge and can be accessed securely 24/7 through DataMineSM, a corporate transaction portal available to all ACGlobe customers.

The data available (archived for up to five years) includes passenger name, ancillary fee descriptors, tax breakouts (GST, HST, QST), routing of air ticket, first flight date, total cost of ticket, and more, allowing you to clearly identify travel charges from other expenses and check for travel policy compliance.

Enjoy the flexibility of a globally accepted card

ACGlobe and ACGlobePlus cards are accepted worldwide.

  • 260 airlines and rail carriers within the UATP network
  • 10,000 International Air Transportation Association (IATA) appointed travel agencies in Canada
  • 130,000 IATA appointed travel agencies worldwide
  • 30,000 Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) accredited travel agencies in the U.S.

For a complete list of UATP Merchants that accept ACGlobe click hereOpens in New Window.

Apply for an ACGlobe card today

Air Canada offers two ACGlobe products for corporations. Review the benefits chart to determine which card best suits your company's needs, then complete the online application process. Once approved, you'll receive a welcome phone call introducing you to the ACGlobe Program, as well as a welcome kit in the mail.

Should you choose the ACGlobePlus card, you will receive a $250 Air Canada Gift Card with your first purchase of an Air Canada ticket over $500.




Annual Fee (Main Card/Account)


No fee

Supplementary Card Fee


No fee

Card Options

Plastic card or card-less “lodged” accounts.

Currency Conversion Fee


Billing Currency


Canadian Tax Breakouts

GST, HST & QST reporting available on every ticket purchased via
Air Canada.

Ancillary Data

Full description on all ancillary fees purchased via Air Canada for easy reconciliation.

Business Rewards Program*

Receive 1.5% awarded on a calendar quarterly basis in the form of an Air Canada Gift Card when flying with Air Canada, Air Canada ExpressTM or Air Canada RougeTM .

Receive 1.0% awarded on a calendar quarterly basis in the form of an Air Canada Gift Card when flying with other airlines.

Not applicable

Billing Cycle

14 days, billed on the 1st and 16th of the month.

28 days, billed on the 1st of the month.

Payment Due

Paid in full within 5 days of the billing date.

Paid in full within 10 days of the billing date.

DataMine Reporting

Third level data available (no extra charges).

1st Time Use Special Offer

Receive a $250.00 Air Canada Gift Card with the purchase of an Air Canada ticket over $500.00.

Not applicable

*The percentage awarded is dependent on the first segment travelled.

Consult our Frequently Asked Questions for answers and solutions regarding these topics and more:

  1. What are the benefits of the ACGlobePlus Program?

    In addition to detailed account statements and 24/7 access to DataMine, the ACGlobePlus Program offers a company a corporate payment solution that provides rebate savings (ACGlobePlus Purchase Rebates) on all charges made using the Air Canada ACGlobe Corporate Payment Solution. DataMine is a secure online transaction portal that allows all ACGlobe customers to view and run reports on all their transactions. Additionally, you can quickly and easily check your ACGlobe Account balance in real-time via DataMine.

    ACGlobePlus Purchase Rebate Program provides:

    • 1.5% rebate on all purchases where the flights are operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Express or Air Canada Rouge.
    • 1.0% rebate on purchases where the flights are operated by another airline, including those flights marketed by Air Canada, but operated by a partner airline.

    The ACGlobePlus Purchase Rebates are awarded on a calendar quarterly basis to your company in the form of an Air Canada Gift Card. Your company can opt to receive its Air Canada Gift Card as a plastic Gift Card or an eGift Card. ACGlobe Customer Service will verify this with you upon your company set-up. ACGlobe Customer Service is the customer service centre for both ACGlobePlus and ACGlobe.

  2. What are the benefits of the ACGlobe Program?

    ACGlobe Program members have secure access to detailed transaction and management reports that will be available 24/7 through DataMine.

    There are no annual subscriber fees associated with the ACGlobe Program and your monthly account statement covers a billing cycle of 28 days. Payment of the billed amount is to be made in full within 10 days following the statement date.

    In addition, all ACGlobe customers (via DataMine) have access to various monthly financial reports that can be customized to various reporting requirements at no additional cost. Real-time access to your company's credit limit and account balance is also available in DataMine.

  3. How does my company apply for an ACGlobe or ACGlobePlus Card?

    You can apply for an ACGlobe or ACGlobePlus card (plastic or "lodged") by completing our online application. Once submitted, if additional information is required you will be contacted by the ACGlobe Customer Service Team.

    Upon completion of the credit review process, you will be contacted by the ACGlobe Customer Team to confirm the application status.

    To speak to an expert regarding any questions about the Air Canada ACGlobe Corporate Payment Solution, please contact us at 1-844-290-0219 or email us at

    If you have any specific questions about the application process, please contact ACGlobe Customer Service at 1-800-221-9033 (hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST)) or by email to

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Reach us at or call 1-844-290-0219

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