New Livery

Achieving new heights

2017 marks the 150th anniversary of Canada and the 80th birthday of Air Canada, our nation's flag carrier. On this landmark occasion, our airline is aiming higher and reaching further to strengthen our position as a global, customer-focused organization with a truly Canadian spirit.


With the new livery design, our airline firmly reasserts itself as Canada's flag carrier, proudly displaying the Air Canada Rondelle on a global stage, while making Canadians feel at home.

The new livery balances national identity with a compelling design that clearly accentuates the features of each aircraft, allowing it to elegantly stand out in the sky and on the runway.

See the livery design in detail here


Dressing the Part

Vancouver-born fashion designer Christopher Bates partnered with Air Canada on the design of the new employee uniforms. Known for his contemporary tailoring, Bates applied his signature approach to modernizing classic pieces through fit, colour, fabric and clever details.

Using fine, long-lasting materials – from 100% silk and 100% wool suiting to soft leather – the refreshed look for our employees balances compelling visual aesthetics with functionality, comfort and durability. Every element was designed with safety and style in mind, and colours have been chosen to complement the new livery, instilling confidence in our nation and in Air Canada for our employees around the globe.

The taste of Air Canada

The wine selection of Véronique Rivest, Air Canada's new sommelier, perfectly complements our menu items, with special attention to our culinary partner David Hawksworth's signature dishes.

From April onward, Air Canada Signature Class passengers will be able to choose from a carefully selected wine list that perfectly complements our culinary program and takes tasters on a journey of discovery across the globe.

Full details on the process behind selecting the wines


Step by Step

It took just a few days in a Peru, Indiana hangar for our team to apply the new Air Canada livery onto one of our Boeing 787-8 aircraft. Here's a sneak peek at the process, step by step.