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Boeing 737 MAX update

At Air Canada, safety is our top priority, Following Transport Canada’s approval, after an almost two-year regulatory process, the Boeing 737 MAX has been ungrounded by regulatory bodies worldwide, and we resumed commercial operations on February 1, 2021.

Message from Murray Strom, Vice President of Flight Operations


Is Air Canada confident in its Boeing 737 MAX fleet?

  • Yes. We are very confident in the close to two-year regulatory process undertaken by worldwide governments including Transport Canada, the US Federal Aviation Administration and others to ensure the utmost safety of the Boeing 737 MAX fleet.
  • Safety is the cornerstone of everything we do, and as part of Air Canada’s multi-layered approach to reinforcing and enhancing safety, our own internal experts have also worked with independent specialists to conduct additional, independent assessments of the Boeing 737 MAX and operating procedures.

How did Air Canada prepare the Boeing 737 MAX for return to service?

  • Our specialist team of highly trained pilots ferried the Boeing 737 MAX from storage locations to our Canadian facilities where our Maintenance Engineers completed all Transport-Canada required aircraft checks and software modifications.
  • Following work done by our Maintenance teams, our specialized pilot team then conducted validation flights with extensive ground and airborne checks on every aircraft prior to its return to commercial service.

What is the process for the Boeing 737 MAX pilots?

  • Since 2018, our Boeing 737 MAX pilots have remained qualified on the aircraft through extensive, regular simulator and ground training, plus non-revenue actual flights fully authorized by Transport Canada. Our pilot training teams have concurrently invested significant resources and time developing training modules that meet or exceed Transport Canada’s revised requirements.
  • Every Boeing 737 MAX pilot undergoes and passes Air Canada’s extensive training program which includes exams, simulator sessions and qualification checks prior to operating a commercial flight.

How many Boeing 737 MAX aircraft are in Air Canada’s fleet?

  • In September 2021, we had 25 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft in service and 15 on order.

Where do the Boeing 737 MAX fly to?

  • Our Boeing 737 MAX flights resumed on Feb. 1, 2021, starting with flights between Toronto and Montreal, Halifax, Winnipeg, Ottawa and Edmonton.
  • We gradually added the Boeing 737 MAX into our North America schedule as we determined the right routes the aircraft would be the best scheduled based on its range and its size.

What are the features of the Boeing 737 MAX?

  • The Boeing 737 MAX reduces fuel use and CO2 emissions by up to 20 per cent over older generation aircraft and up to 10 per cent over similar sized competitor aircraft.
  • The noise footprint is among the lowest in its class and customers notice this in the quiet, comfortable cabin.
  • This aircraft has a seating capacity of 169 passengers, with 16 Business Class seats (2x2) and 153 Economy Class seats (3x3).  Every seat has hours of complimentary personal inflight entertainment.