Changes to Flight Numbers - Select Flights within Quebec

October 1, 2019

We are currently transitioning to a new reservation system designed to better serve our customers and to improve your experience with us. As a result of this change, some of our customers booked on select flights within Quebec will receive a new itinerary receipt which will show different flight numbers from those they were originally assigned.

If you receive such an email, you can rest assured that this does not change your reservation in any way:

  • Your flight will continue to be operated by the same aircraft.
  • You will receive all of your boarding passes at your departure airport.
  • You will remain on board at your stopovers en route to your destination.
  • Your luggage will also remain on the plane as it does now. 

Your booking reference and flight departure times remain the same, although it is possible that your seat number may change. This information will be clearly indicated on your new boarding passes. 

Please note that this is a temporary measure until the new reservation system has been fully implemented. 

We thank you for your loyalty and understanding. 

Original Flight Number Origin and Destination New Flight Numbers
AC8964 Montréal – Baie Comeau Montréal – Mont Joli : AC8918 Mont Joli – Baie Comeau : AC8944
AC8962 Montréal – Mont Joli Montréal – Baie Comeau : AC8960 Mont Joli – Baie Comeau : AC8928
AC8765 Îles-de-le-Madeleine – Québec Îles-de-le-Madeleine – Gaspé : AC8763 Gaspé – Québec : AC8765
AC8761 Montréal – Rouyn-Noranda Montréal – Val-d’Or : AC8761 Val-d’Or – Rouyn-Noranda : AC8759
AC8751 Montréal – Montréal Montréal – Val-d’Or : AC8751 Val-d’Or – Rouyn-Noranda : AC8767 Rouyn-Noranda – Montréal : AC8769
AC8750 Rouyn-Noranda – Montréal  Rouyn-Noranda – Val-d’Or : AC8766 Val-d’Or – Montréal : AC8750
AC8724  Québec – Îles-de-le-Madeleine Québec – Gaspé : AC8694 Gaspé – Îles-de-le-Madeleine : AC8724
AC8721 Îles-de-le-Madeleine – Québec Îles-de-le-Madeleine – Gaspé : AC8733 Gaspé – Québec : AC8721
AC8706 Québec – Îles-de-le-Madeleine Québec – Gaspé : AC8702 Gaspé – Îles-de-le-Madeleine : AC8706
AC8696 Montréal – Wabush Montréal – Sept-Îles : AC8978 Sept-Îles – Wabush : AC8696
AC8697 Wabush – Montréal Wabush – Sept-Îles : AC8697 Sept-Îles – Montréal : AC8965