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Plan better with My Travel Planner

Are you looking for a better way to stay organized and keep all your travel plans in one spot that’s easy to access and share? Are you maybe searching for ideas to inspire you for your next trip? My Travel Planner may be just what you’re looking for.

My Travel Planner is a personalized travel website that lets you:

  • View your current flight details and itinerary
  • Book accommodations, excursions and ground transportation before and during your trip
  • Find weather reports, guidebooks, maps and other useful planning tips for your destination
  • Discover attractions, restaurants and shows as you browse up to 15,000 activities and 350,000 traveller reviews
  • Share travel details and photos with friends and family via social media

So look for your invitation to link to My Travel Planner the next time you book a trip with us, and make your travel plans better!

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