Air Canada Rights and Brand permissions

Air Canada Rights and Brand Permissions

If you are looking to use the Air Canada brand in a project, or have any questions regarding the usage or licensing of Air Canada copyrighted material, please fill out and submit a formal request in writing.

All of our brand assets are the intellectual property of their respective owners and protected by international copyright and trademark law. If you would like to use any of our assets, such as photographs, advertisement, video footage, logo or any other material, you need to receive permission from Air Canada.

Note that the following terms and conditions apply for all brand usage request:

  • No graphical adjustments of the files/images/reproduction are permitted and final versions of the planned material must be presented for approval by Air Canada
  • Does not promote Air Canada in a negative way
  • Is not use in a context which may be critical or imply criticism of air Canada and/or the Canadian Aviation industry
  • The files/images/reproduction cannot be used in a context of:
    • An airplane disaster, crash, mishaps or on-board incidents
    • Criminal act occurring where an air Canada graphic element is visible
    • Drugs being consumed, hidden, transported or smuggled
    • Violence, racism or any other controversial or competitive references
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