Seamless Travel

Seamless Travel


Some connection services, such as terminal shuttles, may be temporarily suspended. Please pay attention to airport signs in order to make your connection in a timely manner. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the airport or Air Canada representatives who will be happy to assist you. 

Experience the difference of Air Canada's Canadian hubs – easy, comfortable, seamless, and all under one roof.

Same Terminal Connection

Our seamless connections are well-timed, quick and all within the same terminal.
There's no need to change terminals, or even recheck your baggage. It will be automatically sent to your next Air Canada flight.

Customs Pre-clearance

You'll never have to wait in a Canadian customs line, just a quick passport check and you'll be on your way.
On your return flight, you'll conveniently clear U.S. customs in transit while in Canada, so you can skip the line when you land in the U.S.

Shortest Elapsed Time

As many international flights naturally pass over Canada, connecting in one of our hubs is often on the way. This results in shorter elapsed trip times to Europe and Asia. Our network and schedule allow us to carefully orchestrate your itinerary for maximum efficiency.

Follow the purple signs when connecting in Toronto or Montreal.

Select your airport and see how convenient it is to connect through Air Canada's Canadian hubs:

Our Toronto Hub

When you connect at our ultra-modern global Toronto hub at Pearson International Airport, you'll travel effortlessly with carefully timed connecting flights, highly visible connection centers and high-speed walkways. You can also enjoy all the latest facilities. Experience award-winning cuisine from top Toronto chefs, outstanding shopping, plus our luxurious Maple Leaf Lounges and premium Concierge service.

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Get up to 7 days in Toronto on your way to Europe or Asia at no extra cost. Only with Air Canada.

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Experience Seamless Travel

Experience what it's like to connect through Toronto when you travel to and from the U.S. to an International destination.

Find out why we should be your airline of choice for all your travel needs.