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Hamilton and Kitchener

We’ve collaborated with The Landline Company to offer you seamless connections through Toronto Pearson (YYZ) from Hamilton (YHM) and Kitchener (YKF).


Book with Air Canada


Check in for your trip as you would for your flight


Check your luggage to your final destination in Hamilton or Kitchener

Closer to home

Start your trip from Hamilton or Kitchener with luxury ground transportation through Toronto.

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Book your entire journey on our website and pay one fare from origin to destination.

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The connection through Toronto will show “operated by The Landline Company.”

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Your booking information will display both your flight and your premium motorcoach service.

Check in for your journey

From Hamilton or Kitchener:


Check in for your trip, same as you would for your flight (either online or at Hamilton/Kitchener airport).


Check your luggage to your final destination in Hamilton or Kitchener.


Sit back and relax on our premium motorcoach service to Toronto (YYZ).

To Hamilton or Kitchener:


Check in for your trip, same as you would for your flight (either online or at your departure airport).


Check your bags at your departure airport and enjoy your flight to Toronto (YYZ).


Collect your bags from baggage claim in Toronto and go to the Landline pickup location on the ground level.


Sit back and relax on our premium motorcoach service to Hamilton or Kitchener.

Skip driving and relax with these benefits

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Reclining leather seats with extra legroom

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Complimentary Wi-Fi and entertainment options

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Seamless bag transfer to your final destination

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Aeroplan points on the Landline portion of your trip

Frequently asked questions

What is Landline?

Landline is the industry leader in providing seamless air-to-ground connectivity. Landline’s luxury motorcoaches allow Air Canada to leverage the seamlessness and affordability of ground transportation to add dynamic new routes to their network without sacrificing on quality or customer experience.

How do I book a Landline itinerary?

Landline/Air Canada itineraries are booked like any other flight in the Air Canada network. Book on aircanada.com from Hamilton (YHM) or Kitchener/Waterloo (YKF) to your final destination (e.g. Hamilton (YHM) to Vancouver (YVR)).

Can I book just the Landline segment?

Landline works as a seamless connection to your Air Canada flight through Toronto Pearson. You are not able to book Landline independently of your flight.

How do I check in?

You’ll check in for your journey like you would for any Air Canada flight. You can either check in on aircanada.com or on the Air Canada app up to 24 hours before your flight, or you can check in at your departure airport up to 30 minutes before departure.

Will I have a boarding pass?

Yes, you will receive a boarding pass upon check-in for your segment to Toronto Pearson, as well as your onward connecting flight. The gate on the boarding pass for your Landline segment will show as CURB.

Is parking available?

Yes, parking is available for a fee at both Hamilton (YHM) and Kitchener/Waterloo (YKF), For additional information, please contact the airports directly.

Where do I go to board my Landline vehicle?

In Hamilton and Kitchener/Waterloo, Landline departs to Toronto Pearson from the curb in front of the check-in area. At Toronto Pearson, Landline departs to Hamilton and Kitchener/Waterloo will depart from Ground Level. Please refer to signage when exiting baggage claim.

What amenities are available on board?

Every Landline vehicle features 2x1 configured reclining leather seats with in-seat power and a sturdy tray table. During your drive, you’ll also enjoy free Wi-Fi. The vehicle is equipped with a lavatory as well.

Will I earn Aeroplan points on the Landline segment?

Yes, there will be opportunities to earn Aeroplan points. 

Terms and conditions

For details on the luxury motorcoach (bus) portion, please see Landline's terms and conditions page.

For details on the flight portion, please see Air Canada's General Conditions of Carriage and Tariffs.