Flights between Vancouver and Delhi temporarily suspended

September 13, 2022

Air Canada is temporarily suspending its direct flights between Vancouver and Delhi during the winter 2022 and summer 2023 seasons. The route is operationally constrained due to extended flying times, a required refuelling stop due to the current flight paths taken to go around Russian and Ukraine airspace, additional crew resource requirements to facilitate the routing complexities, making the route commercially unviable during this time.

Affected customers on Air Canada’s non-stop flights between Vancouver and Delhi will be offered options: rebooking to alternate flights if available, or a full refund.  If you purchased your ticket directly from Air Canada ( website, Air Canada’s contact centres), you will receive information from Air Canada directly about your travel options. If you purchased your ticket directly from a travel agency or an online travel website, please contact them directly for your travel options.

Air Canada remains committed to the India market. Air Canada continues to operate up to 10 weekly flights between Canada and Delhi from its gateways in Toronto (daily) and Montreal (three times weekly) as these routes utilize different flight paths, and seven weekly flights between Toronto and Mumbai (as of October 29, 2022).

Air Canada monitors global situations very closely and may reinstate its Vancouver-Delhi route earlier if conditions permit.