Air Canada’s goal is to fully develop as a leading global airline, to be among those with the highest levels of customer experience, employee engagement and value creation for shareholders and other stakeholders. This is being pursued through the following four key strategies:

  • Continually identifying and implementing cost reduction and revenue generating initiatives;
  • Expanding internationally and increasing connecting traffic through international gateways, on a sustainable and profitable basis, and competing effectively in the leisure market to and from Canada;
  • Engaging customers by continually enhancing the travel experience and providing a consistently high level of customer experience, with additional emphasis on premium and business passengers and products; and
  • Fostering positive culture change through employee engagement programs designed to promote an understanding of how the airline and its employees can work together to deliver on the customer promise and investing in the tools and training required to provide a culture of top customer care.

More information is available in our 2014 Management's Discussion and Analysis dated February 11, 2015, our 2013 Annual Information Form and 2013 Corporate Sustainability Report.

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February 11, 2015: 2014 Fourth Quarter and Year-End Results

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