Cookies and Tracking Technologies Policy

This policy explains the cookies and tracking technologies used on, which is home to Air Canada, Aeroplan Inc. and Touram Limited Partnership (Air Canada Vacations) (each a “Business” and together the “Businesses,” “we” and “our”), as of November 8, 2020. This policy also applies to other online platforms used by one or more of the Businesses, including the Air Canada mobile app, co-branded websites, and any other website that links to it (together, the “Platforms”).

By visiting or using, the Air Canada app or other Platforms, you are agreeing to the use of the types of cookies and tracking technologies described in this policy, which complements the Air Canada Privacy Policy, the Aeroplan Privacy Policy, and the Air Canada Vacations Privacy Policy , and supersedes any cookies and tracking technologies content that appears in them.

A Business will use the information collected through cookies and tracking technologies on or other Platforms only as that information relates to its own business, unless consent has been obtained for sharing the information with another Business.

About third party cookies and tracking technologies

An online tracking technology is any type of technology that stores or accesses previously recorded information on a website visitor’s computer or device. The Businesses use technologies provided by third parties, who perform the tracking on our behalf.

Cookies are small files of letters and numbers that are automatically downloaded into a memory folder on your computer or mobile device. Cookies generally store information such as its cookie name, a unique identifier, a day and time stamp, and the duration of the cookie. Cookies contain unique identifiers which allow us to distinguish you from others as a unique website visitor. This information, in combination with other information, may permit you to be identified, and so may be considered personal information.

Cookies can be temporary, meaning the information is erased when you close your browser, or are persistent. A persistent cookie stores information for a specific duration unless you delete or change your cookie preferences on your browser or you opt out of interest-based advertising.

Different types of tracking technologies are part of the code of our website and store information differently than cookies. For example, we use tracking pixels, scripts, local storage, and local shared objects, which are all pieces of programming code imbedded in our website. We use them to better understand your online browsing behavior, optimize your online experience, track how you interact with advertising or email offers, recognize your device type, and detect potentially fraudulent transactions.

How do we use cookies and tracking technologies online?

When you access with your internet browser, open the Air Canada mobile app or visit or use any other Platform we will use cookies and tracking technologies to distinguish you from other website visitors, enable your use of the website, app or Platform, remember your viewing preferences, advertise to you on other websites, and collect information about your interests, behaviour, and transactions. This information also allows us to learn more about how you interact with our website and offers, to personalize offers to better suit your needs, and to improve or optimize our website, app and other Platforms. We will not collect any sensitive personal information about you with these tracking technologies.

We use tracking technologies such as local shared objects (called flash cookies), local storage (implemented within HTML5), tracking scripts or pixels, device fingerprinting, and mobile device advertising identifiers.

Tracking when you download the Air Canada mobile app

When downloading the Air Canada app, your device information (such as phone model, language, operating system, and app version) is recorded and used when you send an issue you choose to report via the app. After downloading the Air Canada mobile app, we will ask for your permission to enable location tracking permission. When location permission is enabled, it allows us to improve your experience, for example, by detecting the closest airport for booking and flight status searches, showing your location on an airport map, and accessing in-flight entertainment features. You can allow tracking while using the app, allow once, or not allow at all. Other settings like calendar synch and notifications can be turned on using the app settings on your device. If you choose to allow these types of tracking, you can control your settings at any time or uninstall the app to delete all previously collected information about you.

Tracking by social media platforms

Your visits to our websites will be tracked by social media platforms for interest-based advertising, to allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising on those platforms and to understand your interest in our services.

Visit the Settings section of these platforms to manage your ad preferences.

Categories of Cookies and Tracking Technologies

There are three general categories of cookies and tracking technologies used on this website and mobile apps:

1. Required Cookies and Tracking Technologies

These cookies and tracking technologies are necessary to enable the basic website functionality, to secure log-in, and to provide a user-friendly display of our website. Unfortunately, our website will not function properly without these tracking technologies.

Examples of the uses of required cookies and tracking technologies are to:

  • Identify you as a unique visitor for the present browsing activity
  • Recall optimal page layout, sizing, or viewing preferences based on your browser and device type
  • Identify you as being logged into our website entered at login to your account (using your email address or Aeroplan member account)
  • Enable security and fraud related functions such as distinguishing between individuals and bots

After you leave the website and close the browser, these temporary cookies and will automatically expire unless they are necessary to ensure website functionality for your next visit. Necessary cookies are persistent cookies.

2. Functional and Performance Cookies and Tracking Technologies

These cookies and tracking technologies allow us to analyse your use of the website, to evaluate the performance of our website, and to show you relevant and personalised content. To help you navigate the website or mobile app, we will remember your selected language and site edition, log-in details, type of browser and device you used, as well as how you browsed the website or app.

Examples of the uses of functional cookies are to:

  • Analyse the overall statistics about the use of our website
  • Track site edition and language preferences previously selected or detect your general geographical location
  • Remember previous search information entered to search the website
  • Collect data about which third-party partner website directed you to our website and which link was clicked
  • Track page view or loading errors to report website performance issues
  • Record navigation sessions on the website to help diagnose website performance issues
  • Test different versions of our website
  • Analyse information collected to detect potentially fraudulent transactions

3. Advertising and Analytics Cookies:

These cookies allow us to better understand your interests, how you interact with our website or marketing emails, and your travel or loyalty transactions. We analyse your online browsing behavior on our website and Platforms to be able to personalise offers to you and to analyse your travel preferences, and transactions.

We share this information with advertisers to serve you advertising relevant to your interests.

Examples of the uses of advertising and analytics cookies are to:

  • Synchronise your current and previous website browsing information
  • Track your general geographical location (neighborhood, city, country) based on your IP address
  • Understand how you arrived on our website and improve your website experience
  • Analyse how you interacted with our website, including what you searched and booked, to deliver relevant interest-based advertising by third party ad servers
  • Collect and analyse information on your activity on third party websites that are co-branded with a Business, for the Business to deliver interest-based offers or understand how you interact with such offers. With your express consent, we also collect information on your activity on third party websites that are not co-branded with a Business (e.g., certain Aeroplan e-store partners)
  • Analyse your loyalty transactions including those with our redemption partners
  • Understand the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns and email campaigns

Cookie settings and interest-based advertising

How do I change my cookie settings on my device and browser?

While browsers are set to accept cookies by default, you can change your cookie settings and other browser controls. Each browser’s settings section will give you options to make choices about your privacy including deleting cookies already downloaded onto your device or changing the cookie settings to block or limit cookies.

The Tools section of the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada website, available here, will provide you up-to-date links to the support pages of the most commonly used browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Opera. Please note that blocking or limiting cookies needed to operate our websites will impact your navigating experience and disable key functionality.

What is interest-based advertising and how can I opt out?

Online interest-based advertising is advertising targeted to you based on information gathered about your online browsing behavior and previously visited websites. When you visit our website or Platforms, advertising networks that we partner with will use the information to predict your preferences and show you relevant online advertising when you are browsing the internet. When you see an online advertisement on a website, you can click on the icon at the top right-hand corner to modify your settings. Information about “why you are seeing this ad” as well as “stop seeing this ad” will be available.

You can opt out of interest-based advertising by using the following tools made available online by not-for-profit trade organisations: Network Advertising Initiative - NAI Opt-out, Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada – Web Choices, and European Digital Advertising Alliance - Your Ad Choices.

They will record and send your opt-out preferences to participating companies of the initiative or alliance like advertising networks that are commonly used by most websites to use your online browsing behaviour or interest-based preferences to market to you.

Note that opting out via these tools will not prevent you from receiving ads but those that you do receive will not be based on previously obtained online browsing behaviour. If you use another device or another browser, you must redo the process. Also, if you agree to the use of cookie and tracking technologies on another website, your new preferences will be updated on your browser automatically unless you have blocked the use of cookies on that browser and device.

It is possible to opt out directly with our cookie and tracking technology third parties by recording your preferences on their website.

  • Google for the Google Analytics service provided on our websites and app here.
  • Adobe for the Adobe Audiences and Cloud Service provided on our websites and app, go to their end user opt out page here.

This policy may be periodically updated. We will take reasonable steps to communicate any significant changes.