Two Factor Authorization

New customer login system with two-factor authentication

Introducing the new, easy way to access the Air Canada and Aeroplan channels


Air Canada's new customer login system allows you to access a range of Air Canada and Aeroplan channels using the same Aeroplan number and/or email address.

In addition to streamlining your sign-in process, we've also added a two-step verification process to provide improved protection for your account. Now, any time we need to confirm your identity online, we'll email or text you with a one-time security code.


Follow the steps below to login using the new system.

Two Factor Authorization Step One

Log in using your Aeroplan number or e-mail address.

Two Factor Authorization Step Two

Verify your account by updating your password and verifying your email address.

Two Factor Authorization Step Three

Use all of your Air Canada and Aeroplan applications as usual, with the added security and convenience of the new customer login system.