Bereavement travel

Air Canada’s bereavement travel policy offers an option for our customers who need to travel because of the imminent death or death of an immediate family member. Please be aware that our Bereavement policy does not allow refunds for travel that has already happened. Our policy is designed to offer maximum flexibility on your upcoming travel during this difficult time.

It’s important to note that lower fares offering less flexibility and subject to additional fees and/or restrictions may be available on our website.

About our bereavement policy

Our bereavement policy applies to:

  • Immediate family members
  • Flights marketed and operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Rouge and Air Canada Express, as well as flights operated by our codeshare partners
  • Economy Standard, Flex, comfort and Latitude fares
  • Economy Basic fares when travelling outside North America
  • Bereavement travel that occurs within 10 days of booking and that does not exceed 60 days

Our bereavement policy does not apply to:

  • Economy Basic fares when travelling within North America
  • Requests for bereavement consideration after travel has been completed

To book bereavement travel:

Step 1:

Please contact us by phone to request a bereavement fare.  We will ask you to provide us with the name of the dying or deceased family member and your relationship to them, as well as:

  • The name of the hospital or residence, including the address and phone number and name of attending physician; or
  • The name, address and phone number of the memorial or funeral home, including the date of the memorial service or funeral

Step 2:

Within 7 days of returning from your bereavement travel, please send an email to with your booking reference in the subject line.

To the email, attach one of the following supporting documents as proof of imminent death or bereavement.

  • A copy of the death certificate
  • The funeral director's statement
  • The coroner's statement
  • The registration of death (issued by a provincial government)
  • A letter from the treating physician on official letterhead and/or a prescription pad which clearly defines the situation as one of imminent death of your immediate family member

Failure to send in supporting documents may result in having to pay the regular fare price difference.

It’s important to note that the email above is only for the reception of documents and is not for inquiries or requests for  bereavement consideration after travel has been completed.

Who is considered immediate family?

For the purposes of bereavement travel, immediate family includes:

  • Spouse (includes common law, same sex partners and ex-spouse)
  • Child (includes / step / grand / great grand)
  • Parent (includes step / grand / great grand / in-law / common law in-law)
  • Sibling (includes step / half / in-law / common law and in-law)
  • Legal guardian and spouse of legal guardian (with proof of judgement)

All above include in-laws of a same sex partner.