Preferred Seats

Preferred Seats – More legroom, more convenience

Enjoy extra legroom

Enjoy extra legroom

  • Stretch your legs with up to 4” of extra space
  • Get even more space at bulkhead and exit row seats
Settle in sooner

Settle in sooner**

  • Board early, relax and settle in comfortably
  • On arrival, exit sooner – and get on your way quicker
Secure overhead bin space

Secure overhead bin space

  • Enjoy early access to precious overhead bin space
  • Keep your belongings within easy reach throughout the flight

How to purchase Preferred Seats

Preferred Seat prices range from $14 to $199 CAD/USD*.  Altitude members and customers travelling on a Latitude fare can select a Preferred Seat at no extra cost or at a reduced price.

Preferred Seat
Standard Seat
Occupied Seat


*Prices are per one-way flight segment. Seat map shown here is for your reference only and it may change depending on the aircraft. The actual seat map will display the exact seat price (including taxes) for that flight.

Options to purchase Preferred Seats

  1. When booking a new flight
    Select your Preferred Seat from the seat map when you reach the Seat Selection screen.

  2. After booking
    From the My Bookings tab below, sign in and then look for the Change Seats link. Booked with another airline? No problem, just make sure to have your Air Canada booking reference.

It is recommended to purchase your Preferred Seat early in advance as availability is limited! Alternatively, you can select your Preferred Seat when you check in for your flight online, on your mobile device, or at an airport check-in kiosk**.

**Preferred Seats purchased through an agent at the check-in counter or at the gate are not eligible for early Zone 3 boarding.


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Air Canada Flight Information 1 888 422-7533


Which flights offer Preferred Seats?
Subject to availability, you can purchase Preferred Seats on any of our flights.
Preferred Seats are in exit rows, in select bulkhead rows and in the first few rows of the cabin on some flights. They offer a seat pitch of up to 35" (depending on the aircraft) compared to the standard 31-33".
Preferred Seats are not available on flights operated by our Star Alliance or other airline partners.

Can anyone sit in an exit row?
For safety reasons, not everyone can sit in an exit row. Exit row seating restrictions are detailed in our Terms and Conditions.

What if I have special seating requirements because of a medical condition or physical disability?
If you require special seating  because of a justified medical condition or physical disability and you are given a Preferred Seat, the related seat charges will not apply. To request special seating, please contact the Air Canada Medical Assistance Desk:

1-800-667-4732 (toll-free between Canada and the U.S.) 
1-514-369-7039 (long distance charges apply)

Monday to Friday: 6am to 8pm 
Saturday and Sunday: 6am to 6pm

Can Flight Pass or Aeroplan Flight Reward customers purchase Preferred Seats?
Definitely! Once you’ve completed your reservation, go to My Bookings to retrieve it and access the seat selection link to purchase your Preferred Seat.
Note that Preferred Seats are complimentary for Altitude Super Elite 100K members travelling on an Aeroplan Flight Reward.

Can I use my Aeroplan Miles to purchase a Preferred Seat?
It’s not possible right now to purchase Preferred Seats using Aeroplan Miles, but you do collect Aeroplan Miles on your Air Canada flights.

Exit row seating restrictions
It’s important to know that not everyone can sit in an exit row. To sit in an exit row, you must be:

  • 12 years of age or older
  • Able to read and understand English or French, and provide oral instructions in one of the two languages
  • Able to visually assess if it is safe to open the emergency exit
  • Free from any disability, condition or responsibilities (such as attending to another person) that may prevent you from performing the functions required to open an emergency exit
  • Able to operate and safely evacuate through the emergency exit, and willing to assist in an evacuation in the event of an emergency
  • You must inform Air Canada if, between time of booking and the day of the flight, the above requirements can no longer be met. If, for any reason, you do not inform Air Canada, the passenger(s) will be moved from the exit row seat at departure time

Other seating restrictions

  • Passengers may not travel with a pet in the cabin when seated in an exit or bulkhead row
  • You may be moved from your Preferred Seat without notice in the event of an involuntary schedule or airport change (e.g., flight disruption, cancellation) to accommodate a passenger with a disability, or for any other reason that requires Air Canada to move you prior to departure or during the flight
  • If you are moved from your Preferred Seat for one of these reasons, you may request a refund for your Preferred Seat charges


  • Your travel agency can request a Preferred Seat online, if the booking was made through our travel agency website, or by calling Air Canada Reservations
  • Preferred Seat charges will be included as a separate item on your itinerary receipt
  • Preferred Seats are not available for purchase at Air Canada airport ticket counters

Your Preferred Seat charge will not be refunded, in whole or in part, if:

  • you change your seat selection in a way that results in a lower Preferred Seat charge
  • you change your seat selection from a Preferred Seat to a standard seat

Offer Terms and Conditions:

Offer valid for advance purchase of Preferred Seats sold during the initial booking or through Manage my Bookings on and by calling Air Canada Reservations. Customers wishing to purchase a Preferred Seat during self-service check-in are also eligible for the discount if check-in is done via one of Air Canada’s self-service check-in channels (web, mobile and kiosk check-in).

The 25% discount applies exclusively to Preferred Seat fees. The discount has been automatically applied; the price displayed at time of the purchase of a Preferred Seat includes the 25% discount. Any applicable taxes, fees and charges are not discounted.

This 25% discount is only available on new Preferred Seat purchases made between September 22 and October 10, 2017 for travel between October 5, 2017 and October 10, 2017 and cannot be combined with any other Air Canada Preferred Seat offer or discount. Offer is valid on all routes for flights operated by Air Canada®, under the Air Canada Express®* brand or by Air Canada Rouge®*  Codeshare flights are not eligible.

Air Canada Vacations bookings booked via Opens in New Window are not eligible for the advance purchase but are eligible for the promotion via the self-service check-in channels (web, mobile and kiosk check-in).

All flights are subject to Air Canada's Fare Rules and General Conditions of CarriageOpens in New Window and can be found on