Passbook Electronic Boarding Pass

Wallet Electronic Boarding Pass

Air Canada’s Electronic Boarding Pass is now Wallet enabled! Just check in on your mobile device, online or at an airport kiosk like you do today. Your Electronic Boarding Pass is now available in the Wallet version in your Apple or Android mobile app


  • Redesigned: We’ve updated the pass design so that the most important information is displayed on the front. To view the rest of the details on the back, just tap the information icon (“i”). Also, the new pass features Air Canada’s signature branding and is personalized to reflect the cabin you’re travelling in.
  • Offline accessible: When you add an electronic boarding pass to Wallet, it downloads directly to your device so you no longer need a network connection to display it.
  • Easy to add: If you check-in from your mobile device, click on the buttons displayed at the end of your check-in to add your passes to Wallet. If you choose to check in online or at an airport kiosk, we’ll send you a link by e-mail or text message like we do today.
  • Easy to access: There are 2 quick and easy ways to access your boarding pass.
    • Open the Wallet app and select your pass from the stack.
    • When using the Air Canada app you can view the boarding pass from the home screen tile or the itinerary screen.