Our cookie and tracking technologies policy

This policy explains the cookies and similar tracking technologies (“cookies”) used on aircanada.com, which is home to the businesses of Air Canada, Aeroplan and Air Canada Vacations (“businesses”). This policy also applies to other online platforms used by these businesses, including the Air Canada mobile app and any other website that links to this policy (“platforms”).  

By using our website, you indicate your consent to the use of cookies by Air Canada. You can manage those cookies as explained below under “How can I manage my cookies?”.  

When you visit our website, you will be asked for express consent or to manage your preferences for the use of optional cookies by Aeroplan and Air Canada Vacations. Signed-in Aeroplan Members who have expressly consented to the Aeroplan Privacy Policy have accepted optional cookies and can manage them as explained below under “How can I manage my cookies?”.  

A business will use the information collected through cookies on our website or platforms only as that information relates to its own business, unless it has consent to share the information with another business.  

Our website may have links to the websites of other companies with their own cookies policies. We do not have control over cookies used on those websites.  

This policy complements the Air Canada Privacy Policy, Aeroplan Privacy Policy, and the Air Canada Vacations Privacy Policy

Visitors from the European Economic Area (EEA), the United Kingdom (UK) and Switzerland 

This policy applies to all visitors from within the EEA, the UK, or Switzerland—including signed-in Aeroplan Members—except you will be asked for express consent for optional cookies used by all businesses on our website and platforms, and you can manage your consent using the “manage your preferences” option. 

About cookies  

Cookies are small files of letters and numbers that are automatically downloaded into a memory folder on your computer or mobile device. Cookies store information such as the cookie name and duration, a unique identifier, and a day and time stamp. Some cookies contain unique identifiers which allow us to distinguish you from others as a unique website visitor. This information, in combination with other information, may permit you to be identified, and so may be considered personal information. As is explained in detail below, other cookies allow our website to function, remember your viewing preferences, help us understand how visitors interact with our website and other platforms, and advertise to you on other websites. Other technologies that help us with these functions include tracking pixels, scripts, local storage, and local shared objects. We will not collect any sensitive personal information about you with these technologies. 

Some of the cookies on our website are placed by us, while others are set by third parties. We receive the information from our own cookies. Other companies may get information from third-party cookies for purposes like showing you an advertisement on a different website. 

Cookies are stored for as long as necessary to meet their specific function. To remove them, see below under “How can I manage my cookies?”.

Categories of cookies  

There are four broad categories of cookies and tracking technologies used on the website: 

  1. Strictly necessary cookies

    These cookies are necessaryfor thewebsite to work properly. They handle tasks like setting cookie consent and preferences, logging in, filling forms, recalling optimal page layout, sizing,and viewing preferences, identifying you as being logged into our website, and detecting and preventing fraud. While you can set your browser to block them, some website features will not work if you do.  
  2. Performance cookies

    These cookies count visits to our website, analyze where they come from, andimprove overall site performance. For example, they help us assessthe success of our campaigns,test new features, track page loading errors and otherwise see how users interact with our website.   
  3. Functional cookies 

    These cookies help make our website work better and personalize your experience based on how you use it. For example, they permitthe testing of different versions of the website, track site editions, remember previous search information andlanguage preferences, detect your general geographical location, and allow us to present you offers based on your browsing.  
  4. Marketing cookies

    These cookies are set by advertising partners to help build a profile of your interests, which they then use to show you relevant ads on other websites. For example, you may see an ad for a travel destination on social media based on your flight search on our website.  

    How can I manage my cookies? 

    If you have expressly consented to functional, performance, and/or marketing cookies for use by Aeroplan and Air Canada Vacations, and are not signed in as an Aeroplan Member, you can withdraw your consent using the “manage your preferences” option.  

    Otherwise, you can manage your cookies for use by Air Canada through the following methods: 

      • Visit the Settings section of these platforms to manage your ad preferences. 

Air Canada mobile app  

When you download the Air Canada app, your device information (such as phone model, language, operating system, and app version) is recorded and used when you send an issue you choose to report via the app. After downloading the Air Canada mobile app, we will ask for your permission to enable location tracking permission. When location permission is enabled, it allows us to improve your experience, for example, by detecting the closest airport for booking and flight status searches, showing your location on an airport map, and accessing in-flight entertainment features. You can allow tracking while using the app, allow once, or not allow at all. Other settings like calendar synch and notifications can be turned on using the app settings on your device. If you choose to allow these types of tracking, you can control your settings at any time or uninstall the app to delete all information previously collected about you. 

This policy may be updated from time to time. We will take reasonable steps to communicate any significant changes.