Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

In the Community

Air Canada needs the communities where it operates and where its employees, customers and other stakeholders live and work to be healthy, financially strong and dynamic. To achieve this, Air Canada and the Air Canada Foundation offer in-kind and monetary support for charitable causes, events or organizational sponsorships in exchange for brand visibility and engagement with communities, customers and employees.

Apply for support

To streamline the process and accelerate our response time, we offer easy-to-use online forms to guide you through the application process and ensure you provide us with the information we need to properly consider your request.

Air Canada uses multiple channels to engage with communities. Kindly read the options below and select the online application form that better suits the nature of your request. A reminder that only requests submitted via one of these forms will be considered.

Commercial Sponsorship

Each year, Air Canada receives thousands of requests for sponsorship support. In order for Air Canada to streamline/evaluate your proposal, your request must be submitted on-line.

This process ensures that we receive all necessary information to properly evaluate your proposal. Requests for sponsorships must be submitted on-line at least six (6) months before the start of the activities related to your event or project. Please allow at least 6 weeks to properly assess each opportunity before contacting Air Canada.

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Air Canada Foundation

Air Canada has been committed to the community since its inception 75 years ago.

The launch of the Air Canada Foundation in 2012 marks a new chapter in Air Canada’s dedication to the health and wellness of children and youth.

Our mission is to help connect sick children to the medical care they need, alleviate child poverty, and make the wishes of ill kids come true. We work toward this mission by supporting pediatric hospitals, providing assistance to charitable organizations, and raising funds.

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Air Canada Cargo is committed to implementing electronic solutions to enable e-commerce, to keeping up with industry leaders and adapting best industry practices.

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Air Canada takes great pride in connecting Canada and the world. In accepting that mission we also recognize that we must do our part to minimize our environmental footprint. We make great efforts to integrate environmental considerations into our business decisions.

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