Brazil reinstates mask requirements for air travellers

November 25, 2022

The Government of Brazil requires all air travellers to wear approved masks or face coverings beginning Friday, November 25, 2022.

Approved face masks are mandatory in Brazil while boarding and disembarking flights. Face masks will also be required within all Brazilian airports. This guidance applies to all customers 3 years of age and older, unless granted a medical exemption by the Government of Brazil.

Face masks must be secured to the face with ties or ear loops and adjusted to fit snugly over the nose, mouth, and chin to minimize entry or exit of air or respiratory droplets. Customers should note that acrylic/plastic face masks or shields, masks with exhalation valves, cloth bandanas, single-layer fabric masks, and other masks intended for non-professional use are prohibited for air travel by the Brazilian government. Surgical or medical-style masks are the preferred choice to meet these mask requirements.

All Air Canada customers are responsible for ensuring they meet the foreign entry and exit requirements of their destination. We recommend contacting the embassy, high commission, or consulate of each country on your itinerary for further information to ensure compliance with local laws and directives.

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