In the Community

Sponsorships and Community Investments

Air Canada needs the communities where it operates and where its employees, customers and other stakeholders live and work to be healthy, financially strong and dynamic. To achieve this, Air Canada and the Air Canada Foundation offer in-kind and monetary support for charitable causes, events or organizational sponsorships in exchange for brand visibility and engagement with communities, customers and employees.

Apply for support

To streamline the process and accelerate our response time, we offer easy-to-use online forms to guide you through the application process and ensure you provide us with the information we need to properly consider your request.

Air Canada uses multiple channels to engage with communities. Kindly open the link below and select the online application form that better suits the nature of your request. A reminder that only requests submitted via one of these forms will be considered.

Air Canada Foundation

You are a Canadian charitable organization registered with the Canada Revenue Agency and your mandate is in line with the Air Canada Foundation’s primary mission of promoting the health and wellness of children and youth. A limited number of resources are available for general health causes and humanitarian efforts.

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Community Relations and Partnerships

You are a Canadian organization that brings communities together and supports Air Canada's mission to build a more bilingual, inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous Canada for future generations. Air Canada strategically invests in impactful events and initiatives, particularly within aviation, tourism, and cultural sectors, to drive socio-economic benefits for Canadians.

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Corporate Sponsorships

Your opportunity is within sports and culture and offers national or province wide reach and has a mass appeal as well as offering tangible benefits including – but not limited to – branded assets, activation space, and hosting occasions. Air Canada should be able to engage with the attendance throughout the event. The opportunity should offer exclusivity in the airline and vacation package category, and provide an evaluative framework to measure and track success.   

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Humanitarian support

Excess Baggage

You are travelling with Air Canada to bring humanitarian goods exceeding the free baggage allowance, or are looking to transport live animals free of charge in collaboration with a registered rescue organization.

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Transportation of Cargo

You are a registered charitable organization looking to transport relief supplies or other materials related to your activities. Individuals looking for support sending humanitarian supplies are encouraged to work directly with an aid organization.

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