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Enjoy extra comfort with eUpgrades

Aeroplan Elite Status Members can earn eUpgrade credits and exchange them for upgrades to the Business or Premium Economy cabin on any flight operated by Air Canada, Air Canada Express, or Air Canada Rouge, including on flights paid with points. It’s our way of showing our appreciation for their loyalty by elevating their travel experience.

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Earn eUpgrade credits

Status members can earn eUpgrade credits in 3 different ways:

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Core Benefits

At the beginning of every new benefit year, as well as when qualifying for a higher status during early recognition, all status members receive 20 eUpgrade credits as part of their Core Benefits.

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Select Benefits

When qualifying for status and at the start of each benefit year, status members can choose additional eUpgrade credits, or to receive eUpgrade credits for eligible Flight Pass activities. If you’re a status member and haven’t done so already, choose your Select Benefits now.

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Threshold eUpgrades

Status members earn additional eUpgrade credits automatically for every eligible Status Qualifying Mile (SQM) or Status Qualifying Segment (SQS) threshold they cross during the calendar year.

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Use eUpgrade credits

As an Aeroplan Elite Status Member, it’s easy to request an upgrade, whether it’s for an entire one-way itinerary, or only certain flight segments.

1 Sign in to your eUpgrade account.
2 Retrieve your booking by entering your booking reference and last name.
3 Review the cabin options being offered, the number of credits required and the add-on fee, if applicable, and make your selection.
4 If an add-on fee is applicable, proceed with payment.
5 You’ll receive a confirmation that your request was received. Once your clearance window opens, your upgrade will be confirmed if space is available.
6 The required eUpgrade credits will automatically be removed from your account.

Upgrades can also be requested when you check in online, on your mobile device, at an airport kiosk, or with an airport agent at the check in counter or the departure gate on your day of travel. They can be requested at any time but will start to be confirmed at the clearance window below:

eUpgrades clearance window

  Premium Economy (flexible)
Premium Economy (lowest)
Premium Economy (lowest)
All flights North America and Sun destinations International
Anytime 14 days 7 days
12 days 6 days
10 days 5 days
8 days 4 days
4 days 3 days
7 days    

Should your request for an upgrade not clear, your eUpgrade credits will be returned to your eUpgrade account within 72 hours of the arrival of your last flight.

The number of eUpgrade credits needed for an upgrade, along with any applicable add-ons, depends on:

eUpgrade credits must be used before January 16 of the benefit year. They must not expire prior to the date of the flight for which you wish to request an upgrade. The credits with the shortest validity period will always be used first.

View the details of the eUpgrade credit requirements and the applicable clearance window for requesting an upgrade.

If you notice any discrepancies with any of the transactions in your eUpgrade account, you can notify us by completing our online form.

Share your eUpgrades

Share the love! As an Aeroplan Elite Status Member, you can also use your eUpgrade credits to request an upgrade for a travel companion.

  • If your companion is travelling on the same reservation as you, you can request an upgrade in the same way as you normally would. Status members can request an upgrade for themselves and one companion in advance.
  • If your companion is travelling on the same flight but on a different reservation as you, the upgrade request must be completed with an Air Canada agent at the airport on the day of departure.

Exclusive benefit for Aeroplan Super Elite Members

Aeroplan Super Elite Members can also designate one eUpgrade nominee and request upgrades on their behalf, even when they are not travelling together. Here’s how it works:

Exclusive benefit for Aeroplan Super Elite Members
  • As a Super Elite member, you can designate one eUpgrade nominee per year
  • You can designate your nominee via your eUpgrade account by providing their name and Aeroplan number
  • The eUpgrade nominee submission period begins on January 17 of each benefit year, and your designated nominee will remain active until January 16 of the following year
  • Nominees can be deactivated and reactivated during the benefit year
  • eUpgrades for nominees can be requested via your eUpgrade account and are subject to the applicable clearance window
  • An Aeroplan Member, regardless of their Elite Status, can only be identified as an eUpgrade nominee by one Super Elite Member

Frequently asked questions

If you are travelling on a codeshare flight operated by Air Canada (e.g., a flight marketed by another airline but operated by Air Canada), you may only request an upgrade with an Air Canada agent at check in at the airport on your day of travel.

In some cases, an eUpgrade add-on may apply. An eUpgrade add-on is a supplementary payment in cash, which may be required depending on the fare paid. Add-on rates apply per direction and per upgraded passenger and include all applicable taxes.

Should an eUpgrade add-on apply, payment information must be provided when you request your upgrade, regardless of whether the upgrade clears in advance or on the day of departure at the airport. Only credit cards are accepted as a form of payment, and your credit card will only be charged if the upgrade is successful once the flight departs. You will then receive a receipt by email indicating the eUpgrade add-on payment status.

If your upgrade request is waitlisted, you can cancel the upgrade request by accessing your eUpgrade account, or by contacting Air Canada Reservations or your travel agent.

If your upgrade request is confirmed, you can cancel the upgrade request by contacting Air Canada Reservations or your travel agent. Note that if your originally purchased Economy or Premium Economy booking class is no longer available, you may need to pay the applicable fare difference.

In cases where you are entitled to a refund, such as when your upgrade doesn’t clear, your eUpgrade credits will be returned to your eUpgrade account within 72 hours of the arrival of your last flight. If, after 72 hours, the credits have not been returned to your account, you can report an eUpgrade discrepancy via our online form.

Bundle 1 – It takes approximately 24 hours for credits to be deposited once you’ve done your selection.

Bundle 2 – If selected, you will earn eUpgrade credits for eligible Flight Pass activities. It may take up to three weeks for eUpgrade credits to be deposited into your account following an eligible activity.

There’s a specific allotment of upgradable space available per flight. Once space is gone, all requests will remain waitlisted. Any requests not confirmed in advance will be transferred to the airport standby list for assessment at time of departure.