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We are pleased to be sharing the latest Air Canada and Aeroplan updates. From a significant upgrade of Air Canada’s onboard food and beverage offerings to exciting new routes, we’ve got a lot cooking! We’re always looking to better serve our most well-travelled customers with their benefits and take them farther with their points.

Your Elite updates

New culinary offerings and globally inspired flavours on board

Air Canada’s onboard meal offerings just got a significant upgrade, with over 100 new recipes, upgraded snack offerings, and a further expansion to the bar program.

The new culinary program is proudly inspired by Canadian entrepreneurs, chefs, brands, and local ingredients. We’re also expanding our meal pre-order service and, coming soon, you’ll be able to pre-order off-menu with an expanded selection of entrée choices.

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New benefits with select partners for Aeroplan 25K and 35K members

As part of Air Canada’s joint business arrangements with United Airlines and the Lufthansa Group, Aeroplan 25K and 35K members can now enjoy expanded airport check-in and boarding benefits on all flights taken with United and select Lufthansa Group carriers.

When flying with United Airlines, Aeroplan 25K and 35K members can use the “Premier Access” line when checking in at the airport. They will also enjoy Group 2 Priority Boarding.

When flying with Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, SWISS, Air Dolomiti, and Discover Airlines, Aeroplan 25K and 35K members can use the dedicated “Business” line when checking in at the airport.

To enjoy these benefits, members must ensure their Aeroplan number is added to their reservation.

Discontinuing the Guaranteed Reservations benefit

The Guaranteed Reservations benefit for Aeroplan 75K and Aeroplan Super Elite Members in Economy Class on Air Canada flights is no longer offered. This benefit allowed members to obtain a guaranteed seat when they completed a new booking on an eligible flight with the purchase of a Latitude fare. 

The benefit was first introduced over a decade ago when airlines commonly overbooked their flights. This is no longer the case. 

While this benefit is rarely used by members, we found that these bookings unfairly impacted other customers. By removing it, we are better able to align our service offering for all our customers. 

Removing it does not affect our ability to accommodate you on a new flight when a flight disruption occurs. 

Elevate your travels by choosing your Select Benefits

2024 Select Benefits are still available! If you haven’t done so already, now’s the time to make your selection to take full advantage of your Aeroplan Elite Status. From additional eUpgrade credits to extra bonus points on Air Canada flights and more, Select Benefits allow you to tailor your travel experience by choosing the benefits that matter most to you.

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In case you missed it

More value with Flight Passes

Since the beginning of the year, Aeroplan Elite Members get both bonus eUpgrade credits and bonus Status Qualifying Miles (SQM) with every eligible Flight Pass activity.

These benefits are now part of the Aeroplan Elite core benefits and are credited based on the Status held at the time of the activity:

  • Aeroplan 25K: 4 eUpgrade credits and 750 SQM
  • Aeroplan 35K: 6 eUpgrade credits and 1,000 SQM
  • Aeroplan 50K: 8 eUpgrade credits and 1,250 SQM
  • Aeroplan 75K: 10 eUpgrade credits and 1,500 SQM
  • Aeroplan Super Elite: 12 eUpgrade credits and 2,500 SQM

Eligible Flight Pass activities are defined as:

  • the purchase of an eligible Flight Pass of 6, 8, 10, 16, or 20 flight credits (excluding Unlimited Flight Passes and Flight Passes for Business and Flight Passes for Large Corporations)
  • the usage of every 10 eligible flight credits in conjunction with a Flight Pass for Business or Flight Pass for Large Corporations
  • each monthly payment associated to an Unlimited Flight Pass

More ways to Asia

Air Canada is strategically boosting its Asia-Pacific network capacity from mid-December through to the end of summer 2024. Up to 75 flights per week were offered between Canada and Asia this winter. The number of flights will increase to up to 83 per week this summer. This includes the upcoming launch of the new route between Vancouver and Singapore starting on April 3, as well as a newly expanded service from Vancouver to Osaka.

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