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Better together with Aeroplan Family Sharing

Now it’s easier to travel as a family! Combine Aeroplan points with family members - for free - so you can accumulate points faster together and redeem for rewards sooner.

The ability to create a new Family Sharing account is currently unavailable. This is temporary and does not affect existing Family Sharing accounts, including the ability to add and remove members.

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How does Aeroplan Family Sharing work?

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Up to 8 family members can join together to share points - while keeping their own Aeroplan accounts.

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All points earned by members are added into a shared balance, including their existing points balances.

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Members with redemption privileges can use points from the shared balance to redeem for rewards.

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Have a primary Credit Cardholder in your pool? Everyone can benefit from their preferred pricing!

Earn faster, together

It doesn’t matter if family members earn often, or just here and there - with family sharing, you can make use of everyone’s points! Every point earned by members is added to the family sharing balance, so your points add up quicker, and you can get to where you want to go, sooner.

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family sharing luggage graphic

Redeem your shared points easily

Using your shared points balance

All points are redeemed from the family sharing balance, no matter who the redemption is for. Points are redeemed proportionally from each member, so everyone contributes a balanced amount.

You can check your family sharing balance online any time you want.

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Managing your family’s redemption privileges

Want to earn points when your kids fly with you, but don’t want them to redeem? Don’t worry - the Family Lead sets roles and permissions for each Family Member when they invite them to the pool.

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Members can:

  • Earn points and make redemptions from the shared balance.


  • Earn points for the shared balance, but can’t redeem.
family sharing lead

The Family Lead can change redemption permissions for Family Members at any time.

It’s easy to start family sharing:

1Create your family sharing pool.

As an Aeroplan Member, you can set up family sharing from your Aeroplan dashboard , as long as you’re 18 years of age or older. The person who creates the pool is called the Family Lead.

2Invite Family Members.

The Family Lead can invite up to seven other Family Members to share points. You can invite your spouse or partner, children, siblings, in-laws, parents, grandparents or anyone else in your family - it’s up to you!

3Share points!

When a Family Member accepts the invitation, all their points are added to the family sharing balance - members cannot add only a portion of their points.

What else you should know

  • You must wait six months before joining or starting a new family sharing pool.
  • Members must stay in the pool for a minimum of three months before they can leave.
  • Please contact Air Canada by phone to be removed. The Family Lead can also call on behalf of a Family Member to request removal.
  • The pool will end if all members leave or are removed.

More information

Even with Aeroplan Family Sharing, members still have the option to transfer points between accounts.

Members in an Aeroplan Family Sharing pool can combine points without transfer fees and make redemptions from the shared balance at no additional cost.

If you wish to transfer points to another Aeroplan Member, you can do so at any time for a fee. If you are part of a family sharing pool, the transfer will come from the total pool balance and not your individual account.

Contact Aeroplan to leave or terminate an Aeroplan Family Sharing pool.

To leave a family sharing pool, please contact the Aeroplan Contact Centre by phone to be removed. The Family Lead can also call on behalf of a Family Member to request removal. Remember, you must stay in the pool for a minimum of three months before you can leave. The pool will end if all members leave or are removed. 

Aeroplan Elite Status is not affected by joining an Aeroplan Family Sharing pool.

Family sharing does not affect your Aeroplan Elite Status - you can continue to progress towards your status individually when you’re a member of a pool.

Aeroplan Family Sharing does not impact points expiry.

Members in a family sharing pool have 18 months to keep their individual points active before they expire. Earning activities will only keep an individual member’s account active, as points are earned in the member’s account. However, since points are taken from all members when redemptions are made from the pool, everyone’s account is kept active when a redemption takes place.

Members can redeem points for a flight reward for someone not in their Aeroplan Family Sharing pool.

As long as you have redemption privileges, you can use Aeroplan points from the family sharing balance to book a flight reward for anyone, even if you’re not travelling with them. 

Certain members in the family sharing pool may be ineligible to redeem.

The Family Lead defines whether you can redeem for rewards, or only contribute points to the pool. You can review the permissions set for you on the ‘Family sharing’ tab in your Aeroplan dashboard, and to make changes, you’ll need to ask your Family Lead about the permissions set for you.

Members can join only one Aeroplan Family Sharing pool at a time.

If you didn’t receive an invitation to a family sharing pool, and don’t see one pending in your Aeroplan dashboard, check if you have another invitation pending for a different pool. Don’t forget, you are also required to wait 6 months after leaving a pool before you’re eligible to join a new one.

Points will be refunded to the original member’s account in the event of a cancelled reward.

All Family Members who contributed to the redemption will get their points back in the event of a refund.

Members can easily track their Aeroplan Family Sharing transaction history online.

You can access your full transaction history on the ‘Activity’ tab in your Aeroplan dashboard . Look for the family sharing icon to indicate redemptions made by a member of your pool.