Air Canada Bistro

Air Canada Bistro

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Air Canada Bistro offers you a wider variety of tasty meals and snacks available for purchase all carefully selected for quality and freshness. Choose from the Air Canada Bistro menu when you travel in Economy Class within North America or the Carribean and enjoy:

  • Hearty and nutritious breakfast options
  • Delicious hot and cold meals for every taste on flights departing before 10 pm
  • Fresh Lavazza coffee, tea and juice, always on the house!
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Earn Aeroplan points with your purchase on board



Earn 25 Aeroplan points
when you spend $10 to $19.99*

Earn 50 Aeroplan points
when you spend $20* or more

* Exclusive of taxes.

Learn more about the Terms and Conditions.

Frequently asked questions

Are meals always available with Air Canada Bistro?

Meals are not available for purchase on flights departing after 10 pm. On those flights, you'll be able to choose from a selection of beverages and snacks.

Also, the availability of hot meals on our Embraer aircraft is limited.

Can I order a special meal on flights where Air Canada Bistro is offered?

Special meals are not available on flights where Air Canada Bistro is offered. However, we make every effort to present a variety of choices catering to different tastes and requirements, including a wide selection of Kosher-certified products.

I’d like to bring my own self-heating meal to eat on board. Is that ok?

Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MRE) and other self-heating meal and beverage kits with portable heating systems/ration heaters are not permitted on board at any time. Nor are they permitted in either checked or carry-on baggage.

I brought my own alcohol. Can I drink it on the plane?

Although you can carry on board any alcohol purchased at the duty-free shop, or alcohol in bottles of no more than 100 ml, these cannot be consumed on the plane.

I’m travelling on an International flight. Do I need to purchase food?

Complimentary meal service is offered on all direct non-stop international flights.

And when you travel on a direct international flight that includes a stop in a Canadian city, you’ll be offered a complimentary meal and snack on the domestic portion of your flight, in those itineraries where both the international and domestic flights have the same flight number. For example, if you’re travelling from Toronto to Sydney, Australia with a stop in Vancouver, a complimentary meal and snack will be offered to you on the Toronto-Vancouver portion of your itinerary.

What forms of payment are accepted on board?

All purchases made on board Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge flights, as well as on Air Canada Express flights operated by Jazz are payable only with Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards.

Terms and Conditions

  • Air Canada Bistro vouchers cannot be purchased on board.
  • Not all items are available on all flights.
  • Air Canada Bistro vouchers can be redeemed exclusively on flights operated by Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge, as well as on Air Canada Express flights (longer than 3:45 min) operated by Jazz.
  • Vouchers are non-transferable and can only be used by the ticket holder.
  • Your voucher cannot be used to purchase duty-free item.
  • Once the ticket has been purchased, this option cannot be changed or refunded.