Cheers to earning points at the LCBO!

Now you can earn Aeroplan points on all your purchases in LCBO stores1. Earn 1 point for every $4 spent plus bonus points 2!

40+ points, 100+ points, 150+ points

Earn bonus points on eligible products in store3

Enjoy new Aeroplan bonus offers each month.

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Download your digital card to earn with ease.

How to access your digital Aeroplan card:

  1. Open your Air Canada app or download it if needed.
  2. Go to the Aeroplan section.
  3. Click on the red card.
  4. Scan the QR code at LCBO checkout to earn points.

You can also add your digital card to your mobile wallet for future use.

Did you know you can redeem points for LCBO gift cards?

Redeem 1000 points for a $10 LCBO gift cards via the Aeroplan eStore.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the LCBO?

Established in 1927, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) is an Ontario government enterprise responsible for the retail and wholesale of wine, beer, and spirits. It operates more than 675 retail stores across the province, and works with 450 grocery partners, licensees, and more than 400 LCBO Convenience outlets to deliver products to Ontarians. As one of the world’s largest buyers and retailers of beverage alcohol, the LCBO offers more than 28,000 products annually from more than 80 countries, making it easy to find the perfect choice to make moments great. All net income from LCBO sales goes to the Government of Ontario in the form of an annual dividend. In fiscal 2019-2020, the LCBO delivered a $2.38 billion dividend to the Ontario Government to support critical services like healthcare, education, and infrastructure. Through its Spirit of Sustainability social impact platform, the LCBO raised over $13.6 million to support the province’s social and environmental needs, creating a more sustainable Ontario for employees, customers, and partners. To learn more about the LCBO, visit LCBO.comExternal site which may not meet accessibility guidelines..

Do I need to be an Aeroplan Member to earn points?

Yes. If you’re not a member, you can create an account easily at

How do I access my digital Aeroplan card?

Download the Air Canada app from the App Store in your mobile device. Login to your Aeroplan account in the Air Canada app. Your profile will have a digital card you can scan in store. Some mobile devices will also allow you to add the digital card to your mobile wallet. Your Aeroplan number is a nine-digit number.

How do I see how many points I have earned?

Log into your Aeroplan account at or in the Air Canada app to see how many points you have earned.

I have not used my Aeroplan account in 5 years. Does my account still work?

If you have not used your Aeroplan card in 5 years, you will need to get a new Aeroplan number so you can keep earning. Create a new Aeroplan account at Welcome back to Aeroplan!!!

Do I need to live in Ontario to earn and redeem points with the LCBO?

No, you do not need to be an Ontario resident to be eligible to earn and redeem points, however you will need to shop at an LCBO retail store located in Ontario.

How many points will I be able to earn at the LCBO?

Aeroplan Members will be able to earn 1 Aeroplan point for every $4 spent. Aeroplan Members will also be able to earn bonus points on select products in store.

Where will I be able to earn Aeroplan points with the LCBO?

Aeroplan Members will be able to earn Aeroplan points at LCBO retail locations.

How will I be able to earn Aeroplan points at the LCBO?

Aeroplan Members can choose to use either their physical or digital Aeroplan card to earn points on their LCBO purchases.

Can I redeem Aeroplan points at the LCBO checkout?

Not at this time. However, Aeroplan Members will be able to redeem points for LCBO gift cards, among many other redemption options, via the Aeroplan eStoreExternal site which may not meet accessibility guidelines..

Terms and conditions

1 To be eligible to earn Aeroplan points (“Aeroplan Points”) with the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (“LCBO”) you must be an Aeroplan member and have an account in good standing, all in accordance with the Aeroplan’s Terms and Conditions (the “Aeroplan Program”).

Only transactions made at LCBO retail stores and are eligible for earning Aeroplan Points. Must be 19 years of age or older. Please visit  to find your nearest LCBO retail store (each an “LCBO Retail Location”). Purchases on or through the LCBO mobile application will not qualify for earning Aeroplan Points.

How to Earn Points

Simply swipe or scan your Aeroplan Program membership card (the “Aeroplan Card”) prior to check-out when you make a purchase at an LCBO Retail Location to earn Aeroplan Points.

Aeroplan Points may be awarded retroactively at LCBO’s sole discretion. If it is within the same day as the transaction, you may request the Aeroplan Points by returning to the same LCBO Retail Location with the original receipt and your Aeroplan Card. Otherwise, contact LCBO Customer Care at 1-800-668-5226 or via to make your request within twelve (12) months of the transaction.

Purchases made at the LCBO prior to (i) an individual’s enrolment in the Aeroplan Program, or (ii) November 16, 2021 are not eligible for the accumulation of Aeroplan Points.


In the event of a return or exchange relating to a transaction that has resulted in an accrual of Aeroplan Points, any Aeroplan Points earned on that transaction will be automatically adjusted (whether or not the Aeroplan Card is presented at the time of return or exchange). Adjustments may be made to Base Points and any Aeroplan Points earned through Bonus Offers.

Adjustments (Errors) & Discrepancies

The LCBO reserves the right to make any adjustments and correct any errors, at any time and for any reason, with or without notice, including if Aeroplan Points have been erroneously earned or credited to your account or earned at an incorrect, higher earn rate.

In the event of a discrepancy relating to Aeroplan Points earned through the LCBO, please contact LCBO Customer Care at 1-800-668-5226 or via The LCBO must be notified within three (3) months of the date on which the transaction relating to the discrepancy occurred. Only those discrepancies that are accompanied with an original receipt will be considered for adjustment.

Other Terms

Participation in these offers constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, along with Aeroplan’s Terms and Conditions. Offers may be added, removed or changed at any time. LCBO and Aeroplan reserve the right to terminate your participation in these offers if you violate any of these Terms and Conditions. 

If you have any questions about the LCBO Aeroplan Program, please contact LCBO Customer Care at 1-800-668-5226 or via

2 Earn 1 Aeroplan Point for every $4 spent (excluding taxes, container deposits, gift cards, and charity donations) at an LCBO Retail Location (the “Base Points”). The total Aeroplan Points earned will be rounded down to the nearest whole point. Example: $18.90 / 4 = 4.725 will round down to 4 points. The LCBO may, at their discretion, offer time-limited opportunities to earn bonus Aeroplan Points (“Bonus Offers”) incremental to the Base Points earned on a transaction.

3 Select products may be promoted in-store with time-limited Bonus Offers (“Product Bonus Offers”). The amount of bonus Aeroplan Points per product and the duration of the in-store Product Bonus Offer will vary and are subject to change without notice. All Product Bonus Offers are while supplies last. Not all LCBO Retail Locations will feature the same in-store Product Bonus Offers.

For Aeroplan bonus offers, please allow 6-8 weeks after the offer ends to receive the bonus Aeroplan Points. Bonus Aeroplan Points will be removed if the transaction is refunded.

®Aeroplan is a registered trademark of Aeroplan Inc., used under license.
®The Air Canada maple leaf logo is a registered trademark of Air Canada, used under licence.

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