Damage Redress Procedure and Action Plan for Air Canada Customers

Legal basis: Article 61 of the Aviation Business Act and article 64 of the Aviation Business Act Enforcement Regulations

Damage redress* in cases of:

1 Failure or delay of transport by aviation transporter

2 Loss and/or damage of checked baggage

3 Oversold flight tickets

4 Delayed payment of refund for cancelled flight tickets

5 Inability to board flight because the airline didn’t provide information about boarding gate, flight number, etc.

6 Missing mileage due to airline’s negligence

7 Mileage expired without airline’s prior notice

8 Impediments to boarding due to failure to install mobility facilities as required by Act on Promotion of the Transportation Convenience of the Mobility Disadvantaged, article 2.7

*  However, redress isn’t provided if the damage is due to uncontrollable circumstances, such as bad weather conditions, unforeseen maintenance required for safe flight operations, natural disasters, issues with flight connections**, etc.

** Issues with flight connections are as follows:

  • -  Air Traffic Control delays approval for reasons such as airplane standing by for takeoff or remaining in the air, etc.
  • -  Flight delay due to congested air route
  • -  Flight delay due to acts of terrorism, contagious diseases, etc.
  • -  Flight delay due to problems with airport facilities
  • -  Other conditions acknowledged by the director of local aviation office

Applying for damage redress

1Locations and contact information

Mailing address: Air Canada Korea Customer Relations Department, room 1303, 13F, Coryo Daeyungak tower, 97 Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 04535

Office: Customer Relations Department at Air Canada; Air Canada airport offices

Phone: (82) 1670-8014

Email: customerservice@dongboair.co.kr

2 Processing time: Within 14 days of receipt of application or within 60 days if Air Canada needs more time for translation or for further investigation, etc.

3 Notification of outcome: Choose phone, text, email, or mail

4 Filing an appeal: After receipt of outcome, customer may file for an appeal by completing the appeal application and sending it to Air Canada by mail/email; the appeal will be forwarded to Korea Consumer Agency

5 Functions and duties of Damage Redress Department

  • airport offices: Receipt of Damage Redress
  • Customer Relations Department: Receipt & Handling of application

Procedure for Damage Redress

Application completed/submitted


Acknowledgement of receipt
(Air Canada)


Damage investigation
(Air Canada)



Transfer to the Korea Consumer Agency if requested by the customer or in case of appeal (Air Canada) ***


Notice of outcome to customer
(Air Canada)


Evaluation of related laws and terms of carriage, etc. (Air Canada)

*** In accordance with the Framework Act on Consumers, an application for damage redress may be transferred to Korea Consumer Agency within 14 days of receipt if it’s difficult for Air Canada to process the application or if the customer so requests.