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Enjoy the convenience and comfort of combining air and rail travel in one booking thanks to our cooperation with SNCF, the country’s main train operator, in collaboration with AccesRail, an IATA travel partner.


Book with Air Canada


Check in with AccesRail


Transfer your own bags

Find your route

Access the SNCF network map for information on all their stations and destinations.

Book your trip

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Book your entire journey on our website and pay one fare from origin to destination.

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Select your departure point and destination and, when available, we'll show you flight + train itineraries matching your search criteria.

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Your booking confirmation will display both your flight and your train journey.

Check in for your train journey


Visit the AccesRail check-in page within 72 hours of your scheduled train departure.


Enter your name and booking reference or ticket number.


Print your train tickets.


You'll need to present your train tickets for boarding and on the train.


And of course, don’t forget to also check in for your flight on our website!

Transfer your bags

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Transfer from flight to train

Upon your flight’s arrival, you must collect your checked baggage and take it with you to the train station.

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Transfer from train to flight

When you arrive at the airport after your train journey, you must check your bags at the Air Canada baggage counter before proceeding to your flight.

Frequently asked questions

Is there any additional assistance offered on the train or in the station?

Accessible travel and reduced mobility: If you use wheelchair services for your flight or require other accessibility services, please note that these services do not continue beyond the airport. Please contact SNCF before travel to arrange for the provision of accessibility services for the rail portion of your journey. You are responsible for arranging your own transfer between the airport and rail station. For information on accessible travel on SNCF.

What do I do if I missed my train due to a flight delay?

Air Canada will rebook you on another train the same day. Please visit the AccesRail check-in page to retrieve your new train ticket. In case of problems, the SNCF staff at the station can assist with the rebooking on another train, and the retrieval of the new train ticket.

How will I know that my booking details include both the flight and train portions of my journey?

You can look for code AC-SNCF on your ticket details if your train portion is operated by SNCF.

I didn't find my question; where can I get more information?

Please visit the official websites of AccesRail and SNCF for more information.

Terms and conditions

While you can purchase an intermodal connection from Air Canada, the rail service is offered by a third-party transportation provider. You enter two separate contracts: one contract of carriage by air with Air Canada, and one contract of carriage by rail with the operator of such transportation. Please note that Air Canada is not responsible and cannot be held liable for the proper performance of the contract of carriage by rail, which is subject to the liability rules applicable to these transport matters.

You should familiarize yourself with the special characteristics, e.g., check-in times, provisions regarding the re-confirmation of bookings, requirements, and policies regarding the carriage of unaccompanied minors, carriage of animals, refusal of carriage, oxygen devices, operational irregularities, denied-boarding compensation, and free baggage allowance/acceptance, etc., of the carrier operating the rail portion of your trip.

For more details on the rail portion, please consult the Legal information page of SNCF (information only available in French).

For more detail on the flight portion, please consult Air Canada's General Conditions of Carriage and Tariffs.