Wings of Courage

The Air Canada Foundation “Wings of Courage” program was founded over 10 years ago when now-retired Captain Chuck McKinnon missed interacting with children on his flights due to tougher regulations. Once the flight deck visits were stopped in 2001, he decided to bring the flight deck visits to the children. Through his partnership with the Air Canada Foundation and the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto, Captain McKinnon gathered his colleagues together in order to give back to their community.

Every month, two pilots visit the children’s hospital in full uniform to read stories, participate in activities and answer the children’s important questions, such as: “Where did you park your plane when you came to the hospital today?” To finish off the day, Honorary Pilot certificates and medals are handed out to the children in recognition of their courage in battling their illnesses.

The program is now running in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and Montréal and Ottawa!

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