We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. — Winston Churchill


The annual Air Canada Foundation Golf Tournament is the foundation’s largest fundraising event. Hosted in the Greater Montréal Area, the tournament brings together Air Canada’s largest partners for an exciting day with a great cause. In 2019, the 8th annual golf tournament was able to raise a record breaking $1.2 million net, which will allow the foundation to expand its horizon.


SickKids has the doctors; Air Canada has the planes. At Wanderluxe, the complementary missions of the Air Canada Foundation and the Herbie Fund at SickKids meld to support the health and wellness of children in Canada and abroad.

The Air Canada Foundation extends reach: helping kids with challenges to reach new heights, and connecting kids with complex medical issues with the right care. The Herbie Fund extends SickKids’ fight to make every kid a healthy kid: bringing children from around the world to the hospital for life-changing surgeries. The patrons of Wanderluxe deliver the funds to make it happen. It’s philanthropy in synchronicity.

Canada’s travel-loving tastemakers, business leaders, and social influencers gather in a luxuriously transformed space in Toronto each spring to enjoy a decadently delicious meal prepared by Air Canada’s culinary partner, Chef David Hawksworth. The meal is the overture to the main event: a fundraising auction of inspiring luxury travel packages.

Wanderluxe has raised over $4 million dollars over the past four years and is poised for another successful gala as we celebrate the event’s 5th anniversary in Spring 2020.

Shooting for the Stars

A three-day event with our partner the Breakfast Club of Canada whereby three children from indigenous communities in northern British Columbia come to Montréal for a life-changing experience and the chance to meet Carey Price. For this exciting adventure, three children involved in their local breakfast programs in school are selected and flown from northern British Columbia to Montréal. Once in Montréal, with the help of Carey and Angela Price, Breakfast Club of Canada Ambassadors, and the Air Canada Foundation, the children get to explore Montréal, meet the mayor, watch the Montréal Canadiens morning practice and skate with Carey Price. To finish off the remarkable weekend, the children get to attend a Montréal Canadiens game in the Air Canada suite.

Rally for Kids

The Air Canada Foundation is proud to work along the Pinball Clemons Foundation for the Toronto Rally for Kids event. The Rally for Kids is a car rally with various pitstops around the Toronto area. The Air Canada Foundation’s pitstop is always a popular destination as it involves airline related challenges such as loading baggage onto the aircraft or instructing the safety measures correctly. The Pinball Clemons Foundation empowers youth through sports and education.

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