Humanitarian Support

The Air Canada Foundation is committed to providing humanitarian support in times of crisis to Canadian organizations operating domestically and internationally.

British Columbia Floods and Extreme Weather

With the devastating impact of flooding and extreme weather in British Columbia in November and December 2021, the Air Canada Foundation initiated a match campaign to support the Canadian Red Cross British Columbia Floods and Extreme Weather Appeal. More than $10,000 was raised by supporters and employees. The Foundation donated an additional $50,000. In addition to the match campaign organized by the
Air Canada Foundation employees were invited to donate their Shine points to the Canadian Red Cross. Through its relationship with Airlink, the
Air Canada Foundation also donated airline tickets to Team Rubicon Canada, an organization that serves communities by mobilizing veterans, enabling them to perform muck-and-gut services and debris removal for impacted communities.

British Columbia and Ontario Forest Fires

In 2021, Air Canada and the Air Canada Foundation partnered with Airlink to provide travel to Team Rubicon Canada volunteers. The flights transported approximately 30 volunteers to British Columbia to help local families with clean-up and recovery operations after wildfires in Lytton.

Volunteers flew into Kamloops Airport over several weeks to assist community members in removing and disposing of damaged infrastructure, collecting personal belongings from ashes, and preparing homes for rebuilding. In support of the Canadian Red Cross which worked alongside provincial, local, and Indigenous leaders to support individuals, families and communities impacted by the 2021 B.C. Fires, the Air Canada Foundation supported a fundraising appeal by the Canadian Red Cross. Funds raised through this appeal are used towards emergency response for current events as well as other potential fire emergencies during the 2021 fire season.

Support to Lebanon

In August 2020, an explosion struck Lebanon’s capital of Beirut in a catastrophe that deepened a pre-existing humanitarian crisis amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Jumping into action, Air Canada employees banded together to generously raise donations for the Lebanon Humanitarian Needs Appeal, an initiative launched by the Canadian Red Cross, a humanitarian partner of Air Canada. More than $17,300 was raised in just three weeks.

Australia Fires

Early in 2020, Australia was devastated by the worst fires seen in years, with at least 25 lives lost and the destruction of a million hectares of land, displacing thousands of people and affecting wildlife.

The Air Canada Foundation organized an employee fundraising campaign through CanadaHelps for the Canadian Red Cross Australia Fires Appeal. This campaign raised $6,139.50. With a $25,000 donation from the Air Canada Foundation, a total of $31,193.50 was raised in support of this appeal.

Global Medic

We’re committed to assisting in times of disaster by rallying our volunteers to put together emergency kits containing hygiene supplies and water purification systems for affected families. We are proud to have provided airline tickets at discounted rates to Global Medic for their RescUAV program. This program sends drones and their pilot to provide aerial imagery of disaster affected buildings, detect signs of human life beneath the rubble, and relay information in real-time to responders on the ground. Here are some of the natural disasters we have offered support for:

  • 2017 Mexico earthquakes
  • 2017 Irma and Maria hurricane in the Caribbean
  • 2017-2019 Flood in Canada

Canadian Red Cross

In the past few years, here are some of the disasters we’ve offered financial support for:

  • 2019 Floods Across Canada
  • 2018 Ottawa/Gatineau Tornado
  • 2017 Hurricane Harvey in Texas
  • 2017 Canadian Spring Flood
  • 2016 Alberta fires
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