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Obtain medical care away from home

Meet Keisha, a young lady who receives the medical care she needs away from home with the help of the Air Canada Foundation Hospital Transportation Program.

The Gift of Sound and so Much More


When he was just a baby, the Montreal Children's Hospital diagnosed Auguste as deaf, as he was born without an auditory nerve.

Luckily, advances in medicine gave him the chance to receive a revolutionary implant, requiring brain surgery in Los Angeles. For his family, travelling to California was a significant expense, but with the help of the Air Canada Foundation Hospital Transportation Program, Auguste was able to fly to Los Angeles and obtain the medical care he needed.

"Today, Auguste responds to his name when he's called and even stops at the sound of a whistle when he's playing soccer," told us Auguste's mom.  “I would like to give many thanks the Montreal Children’s Hospital, as well as the Air Canada Foundation who supported us in our trips to Los Angeles over the past 3 years. Without them all of this would not have been the same.”

Through its Hospital Transportation Program, the Air Canada Foundation donates millions of Aeroplan Miles to pediatric hospitals across Canada to help children reach the medical care they need away from home.

From December 3 to 9, Aeroplan will match every mile donated to the Air Canada Foundation, up to a maximum of 500 000 Aeroplan Miles.

See how our Hospital Transportation Program provides financial peace of mind for parents of children requiring medical care

The Air Canada Foundation Hospital Transportation Program connects sick children to the medical care they need through 15 pediatric hospitals across Canada, providing financial peace of mind to families.

The most valuable thing a child has: their childhood