Earning Miles

Earn Miles when you fly with Air Canada, and Air Canada Express and Air Canada rouge

You can earn Aeroplan Miles when you fly on eligible:
  • scheduled flights operated by Air Canada
  • scheduled Air Canada Express flights operated by Jazz, Air Georgian Limited, Exploits Valley Air Services LTD and Sky Regional
  • scheduled flights operated by Air Canada rouge

The Aeroplan Miles you earn are based on the distance you fly and the fare option you purchase. Even better, most of the Aeroplan Miles you earn on these flights will also qualify as Altitude Qualifying Miles(AQM). Altitude Qualifying Miles, along with Altitude Qualifying Segments (AQS), qualify you for Air Canada Altitude offering premium travel benefits, designed exclusively for Air Canada's most loyal customers.

See how many miles you earn when you fly within Canada, between Canada and the U.S., between Canada and sun destinations and between Canada and international destinations with Air Canada and Air Canada rouge. See how many miles you earn with Air Canada rouge, prior to November 28, 2013.

As part of the number of Altitude Qualifying Miles (AQM) or Altitude Qualifying Segments (AQS) required in order to reach Air Canada Altitude status, you'll need to earn at least 10,000 AQM or 5 AQS on eligible flights operated by Air Canada or Air Canada Express. AQM earned in conjunction with the purchase of an Unlimited Flight Pass will count towards this Minimum Air Canada Flight Requirement.

The minimum number of miles* accumulated based on distance flown on Air Canada and Air Canada Express flights (Air Canada rouge flights do not apply):

  • For distance flown up to 249 miles, Aeroplan members earn 250 miles, with the exception of Rapidair flights and between Toronto's city airport and Montreal which earn a minimum of 500 miles.
  • For distance flown of 250 miles and more, Aeroplan members earn miles according to the actual miles flown
  • For distance flown up to 249 miles, Air Canada Altitude members earn 500 miles.

Since the mile accumulation varies with the fare option purchased, the minimum number of 250 miles also varies accordingly. Here are some examples:

  • Tango in Canada: 25% of 250 miles = 63 miles
  • Tango in United States: 50% of 250 miles = 125 miles
  • Flex: 100% of 250 miles = 250 miles
  • Latitude: 125% of 250 miles = 313 miles
  • Premium Economy: 125% of 250 miles =  313 miles
  • Business Class (lowest) and Business Class (flexible) - North America: 150% of 250 miles = 375 miles

* Please note that the miles earned are both Aeroplan miles and Altitude Qualifying Miles.

Earn miles when you fly with other Star Alliance member airlines

You can also earn Aeroplan Miles when you fly on eligible scheduled flights operated by Star Alliance member airlines.

The Aeroplan Miles you earn on eligible Star Alliance member airline flights will also count as Air Canada Status Miles qualifying you for Air Canada Altitude status.

See how many Aeroplan Miles you earn when you travel with a Star Alliance member airline.

Earn miles when you make a purchase at aircanada.com

You can earn more miles when you make travel arrangements on aircanada.com, by signing in using your Aeroplan Number:

See how many Aeroplan Miles you can earn:

In addition to the Aeroplan Miles regularly earned when flying with us, you'll earn miles when you:

Earn Bonus Aeroplan Miles

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