Flight Attendants

Voted recently as Business Traveler Magazine's Best Flight Attendants in North America, our Flight Attendants are ambassadors of the customer experience onboard each Air Canada flight. Roles of our Flight Attendants include safety professional, caregiver and service provider. The Flight Attendant demonstrates a sincere desire to be of service to Air Canada's customers and effectively handles diverse and challenging situations with poise and diplomacy. Air Canada's Flight Attendants make an immediate and lasting positive impression.

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Essential Functions

Minimum Requirements

Strong consideration will also be given to candidates fluent in English or French and one or more of the following languages: Japanese, Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Hebrew, Portuguese, Greek, Danish, Dutch, Hindi, Punjabi and Turkish.

Key Success Factors

Safety First - It's all about Safety. The primary role of an Air Canada Flight Attendant is to ensure the safety and security of our customers and crew.

Service with Flair - Our Flight Attendants exhibit a warm, caring, and professional disposition when dealing with all of our customers, regardless of the situation. Our Flight Attendants are able to anticipate customer needs, and answer them with a grace and professionalism.

Adaptability - In an ever-changing environment, our Flight Attendants need to adapt to what can sometimes be quite challenging situations. The work environment is dynamic and fast paced, and includes long hours, changing time zones, new routes, new colleagues, and the latest in innovative products and services. Flexibility is essential.

Teamwork - Air Canada Flight Attendants are part of a team that demands individuals pool resources and knowledge to ensure quality service for each of our customers. Excellent communication skills, strong leadership abilities, tact, diplomacy and friendliness are indispensable ingredients for success.

A Day in the Life

My alarm sounds, waking me from a sound sleep. I put on my Flight Attendant uniform, straighten my scarf, check my luggage and passport, and I'm off to the airport.

Upon boarding the aircraft we have many safety-related duties to complete, including checking equipment and completing our crew safety briefing. As the passengers board, we are checking boarding passes, providing assistance to our special attention passengers, helping customers find their seats, preparing the galley, and standing on alert in the cabin while the safety video is played.

Once the aircraft reaches cruising altitude, you may find me in the galley, busy heating and plating meals, giving an extra smile to a first-time flyer, or passing through the cabin with a beverage or boutique trolley.

As we arrive at the gate, I am at the door, thanking each of our customers for traveling with Air Canada. The crew deplanes as a group, and we head to the crew bus en route to our layover hotel - another exciting and busy day done.

Susan, Flight Attendant - YUL

How I became an Air Canada Flight Attendant…

Paul EvansI was very fortunate growing up to have travelled all over the world with my family. I guess that's where my love of aviation started. I had one very special flight on Air Canada while returning home as an unaccompanied minor. On boarding, I was introduced to all the Flight Attendants and at once I felt at ease, almost forgetting I was travelling alone. I was invited by the crew to "Welcome Passengers" as they boarded the aircraft, and I even got to deliver a few meal trays. One of the crew said, "I think he has what it takes to become a Flight Attendant." I guess those words stuck with me.

Paul Evans , Flight Attendant

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