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Travel the world via Toronto.

Air Canada's seamless connections are comfortable, quick, and all under one roof.

Experience streamlined travel at our hub in Toronto (YYZ) with award-winning customer service, both on the ground and in the air. It's easy access from the U.S. to Asia and Europe and all in one terminal.

You'll travel effortlessly with carefully timed connecting flights, and highly visible connection centers, and high-speed walkways.

The Toronto Experience.

The Toronto Hub is uncomplicated and uncluttered. In fact, many travellers find the experience preferable to connecting through U.S. hubs, thanks to shorter walking distances, less congestion, and the convenience of having everything all in one terminal.

Turn a stop-over into a retreat with restaurants from top Toronto chefs, and outstanding shopping. Eligible passengers can also take advantage of our luxurious Maple Leaf lounges and premium concierge service.

Fly through your connections.

There's no need to clear Canadian customs and immigration in transit, when you have valid documentation. Just a quick passport check at a dedicated bypass, and you'll be on your way. On your return flight, you'll conveniently clear U.S. customs and immigration in transit while in Canada, so there's no need to line up when you land in the U.S.

Additionally, there are full Nexus/Global Entry capabilities at U.S. CBP for customers enrolled in Trusted traveler Programs.

When you fly through the Toronto Hub, your luggage doesn't have to be baggage. There's no changing terminals and no rechecking. Your baggage will be automatically sent to your next Air Canada flight, just as if you were connecting at a U.S. airport from a domestic flight to an international flight.

We're on your way.
Why not drop in?

As so many international flights from the U.S. naturally pass over Canada, connecting in Toronto is often on the way. This results in a shorter elapsed trip time.

Our network and schedule allows us to carefully orchestrate your flight itinerary for maximum efficiency.

Welcome aboard North America's best airline – your best choice for travel to Asia and Europe.

As the only international carrier in North America to receive a 4-star Skytrax rating, we are also proud to be voted Best Airline in North America, four years in a row, in a worldwide survey of over 18 million travellers. Air Canada is your natural choice for destinations in Asia and Europe.

Your comfort, above all

Experience the best in international travel with our modern fleet, your choice of three classes of service (Business Class, Premium Economy Class and Economy Class), and award-winning cabin comfort with over 600 hours of complimentary in-flight entertainment.


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Experience what it's like to connect through Toronto for Canadian, International, and U.S. connections.

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