Preferred seats

Do you find yourself looking for a little extra space when you fly? Then look no further than our Preferred seats.

What are Preferred seats and on which flights are they offered?

Preferred seats offer the comfort of extra legroom when you travel in Economy class, giving you more space to relax and stretch out or work in comfort. In many cases, these seats are also at the front of the aircraft, meaning you get to deplane much faster upon arrival.

Preferred seats are located:

Preferred seats are available on Air Canada, Air Canada rouge (under the name rouge Plus), and select Air Canada Express flights. They are not available on codeshare flights.

More Preferred seats for even more comfort

Preferred Seat Rows
Preferred Seat Pitch
Standard Seat Pitch
12 to 16
34 in (86 cm)
31 in (79 cm)
12 to 16 and 19
33 to 34 in (84 to 86 cm)
31 in (79 cm)
12 to 15
35 in (89 cm)
31 to 33 in  (79 to 84 cm)
12 to 15, 17 and 18
35 in (89 cm)
31 to 33 in (79 to 84 cm)
12 and 13, 15 to 17
35 in (89 cm)
49 in (124 cm)
68 in (173 cm)
31 to 32 in (79 to 81 cm)

How can I select a Preferred seat?

Select your Preferred seat at when you book your flight or at any other time prior to check-in (subject to availability):

You can also purchase one by calling Air Canada Reservations.

Is there a charge for selecting a Preferred seat?

Preferred seat selection is complimentary:

  • when you travel on a Latitude fare;
  • for you and your travel companion(s) on the same booking if you are:
    • an Altitude Super Elite 100K customer travelling on any fare:
    • An Altitude Elite 75K customer travelling on a Flex fare;
    • An Altitude Elite 50K or Elite 35K customer or Star Alliance Gold member (with another airline) travelling on a Flex fare (front row bulkhead only).
For all other fare types and tier statuses, prices per one-way (including connections) are based on your itinerary:

Flights within Canada or between Canada and the U. S.

0 to 350 miles
351 to 1000 miles
1001 to 1600 miles
Over 1600 miles

International flights (beyond Canada and the U.S.)*

Tango and Flex
Caribbean and Mexico
Europe and Middle East
South America
Travelling between Santiago and
Buenos Aires?

Purchase a Preferred (or rouge Plus) seat for only $40
per one-way
Asia and South Pacific
Travel between two international points, via Canada

* Based on travel between any point in Canada or the U.S. and an international destination.

What else do I need to know?

Not everyone can sit in an exit row. We’ve detailed exit row and other restrictions in our terms and conditions.

We’ve also provided answers to some of the other questions you may have about Preferred and rouge Plus seats.