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Check in to your Air Canada flights from wherever you are! Simply visit and select the Check-in option. You can receive your Electronic Boarding Pass directly to your mobile device or confirm your "check-in" to secure your seat on the plane.

What services are offered with Mobile Check-in?

You can use Mobile Check-in just like our Web Check-in to:

* if eligible.

Who can use Mobile Check-in?

What type of device can I use to access Mobile Check-in?

You can access Mobile Check-in from most mobile devices that have an internet browser and internet capabilities. In addition, to receive an Electronic Boarding Pass from a Mobile Check-in, your mobile device must be capable of receiving e-mails or text (SMS) messages. These capabilities are provided through your wireless provider and may cost extra. Please consult your mobile device manual and your wireless service provider for more details.

Which flights are eligible?

When can I check in with my mobile?

* Always use airport local time of the last flight in your itinerary to determine when you can check in.
** Exception: the check-in deadline for flights departing from Toronto's city airport (YTZ) is 20 minutes.

How does Mobile Check-in work?

Note: To access Air Canada Mobile Services, simply type on your mobile device's Web browser.

  1. Open your Web browser on your Internet-enabled mobile device and navigate to Once there, select the "Check-in" option.
  2. Enter your first name, last name, identification number (Aeroplan number or booking reference) and departure city.
  3. Select the passengers you wish to check in or make changes for.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to select your seat, enter your number of checked bags and complete your check-in.
  5. If eligible for an Electronic Boarding Pass, enter your e-mail address or mobile phone number to complete your check-in and receive your Electronic Boarding Pass. Otherwise, you can obtain your boarding pass at the airport at a Self-Service Kiosk or with an Air Canada agent.

What do I do after I complete my Mobile Check-in?

I have completed my Mobile Check-in and…


I received a Mobile Check-in confirmation

No bags to check

Print my boarding pass at an
Airport Kiosk

1 or more bags to check

Print my boarding pass and tag my bag(s) at an Airport Kiosk, or go see an agent

Drop off my checked bags at the Baggage Drop-off

I received an Electronic Boarding Pass

No bags to check

1 or more bags to check

Tag my bag(s)* at an Airport Kiosk or go see an agent

Drop off my checked bags at the Baggage Drop-off

Proceed to security

Proceed to the gate, board the plane and enjoy my flight!

Customers may now take advantage of self-tagging on eligible routes by printing and attaching their own baggage tags, and carrying their baggage to the Baggage Drop-off. This is a new service offered by Air Canada at the following airports: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Halifax, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, as well as Paris (Charles De Gaulle), Frankfurt, Boston (Logan), Copenhagen and London (Heathrow).

Air Canada Text Message (SMS) Service - Terms and Conditions

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